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215 <br />Ppesidens", S,K,Strong called the meeting to order in the Grange <br />Hall at 7:30 P.Ib, All members answered roll call but Trustee <br />H,J.Rnudsen. Minutes of the Kay meeting read and approved, <br />Commfttee report on the Benton Ave bridge,resd a letter from the Railroed and 'hare-house Commission that the hearing vias continlied <br />till. June 18th. Attorney Kingsley prepared an agreement betaeen the Village of Edina and the iLEnneapbEis Northfield SS Southern whereby the Villa.@ <br />of Edins. Ss to pay the costa above #2000.00 after consideration <br />and d8scussion the President and Clerk signed the agreement and khe plans of a So0 Line bridge 134s subnitted nhich was approved by the Railroad & Tiare-house Commission which cost $1900.00 but w3.s a <br />4 larger one than xas needed on Benton Ave. Engineer A,'ii',Grs.ker mas asked to redraft the plans and help the Village to secure the bridge <br />on motion and the -- President and Clerk's action tias approved. <br />The meeting of the Erovindale Klens Club and the ma.tter of oiling and <br />scaraifying \$est 44th Street vias discussed but no definite action vias taken at this time. <br />Mr.E,Rermanson vias present asking for the .opening of 4th Ave.I\Torth <br />from the Cernetary road to the Street Car line in ?!est Mpls Heights <br />a part of said nork to be apetitioned at Nay Keeting,it was left to the Road Committee to look over. <br />Mr,H.A.Paulson,of Thorpe Bros.was present with a petition and blue print for the opening of a driveway beta-een Edina and Morningside <br />in Elock I,the petition was accepted for consideration and Ivlr Paulson took the petition to get more signers.and also asked to have two nem streets opened in South Harriet Park.after discussion Mr Paulron zs.s asked to get legal advice from Mr.J,E,Dorsey and <br />ho-fi to proceed. <br />ltrs.Arine 'CIRS present in the absence of Nir,Arine,in the interest of a street between the Arine Se Thorpe,the old Bull place. nov? being platted.Nrs Arine said thry were willing to give half oT <br />a street but not a11,She was asked tb get in tmch with Thorpe's and <br />untfll then there would be no action taken by the Council. <br />e <br />Rl~,;:,~Y,Rand of tKe Mpls Gas Co,and h9s Attornky IVIr,HoZt were present proposing to lay gas mains in the Country Club District and sub- mitted 9. proposed franchisepa special meeting vias set for June I9 to <br />take the matter up with the Village Attorney, <br />As this ;:as the time for the hewing and opening of bids on the Thie- <br />1eD Avenue sfdemalk. The hearfng as taken up and the president <br />asked for objections to the sidemalk and cost assessed to abutting <br />property rind none were made in mitfng or othervise and therefore it VJRS ordered la$d and the follor.iing resolution was adopted on Totion ~f' Trwtee C ,F,Prescoit seconded by Trustee Tillson. 2HSFJ3AS.a vajority of the Ovmers of the property fronting 0x1 Thfe- <br />1Bd Averme, frcrri Tk.44St,.Nor&h- to- Villdge .li:&*ft& the Village of Edina Hennepin County,Aflirmesota,have petitioned %he Vlllage Coiincil of' said VllLage to order a cement sidewalk laid on -t:Mth-sides" of -ale- <br />Ien Avenue from %est 4.2 ST.. lo Wlla LimTts' ' 1. ?*--.n-nd requested <br />tqht aaoptioii of the necessary resolut4on to glve effect thereto, accord5.W to 1av;therefore be it <br />QESOLVEI2,by the Village Council of the Village of Edina,that A eemnt. sfdeiialk 4 feet in viidth be laid on E&th Sides-'o-f Thielen !Aye. <br />froM k 44St Worth Lo V21;IiwordTng to plans and specifica%tons on tile vlitrl c.il0 Vill2ge Clei?k,and the Clerk to assess the cost to <br />abutting peoporty in 3 equal annual payments and those mishing to <br />pay cagh may do so. %calk to be completed by ~4ugush first 1926. <br />Two bide =ere received,Newell ConstrwctZon Co-for $1.10 per square <br />yard i,fth certified check accomnanying bid and Fred Johnson for <br />$1.10 per squase yard and no check,therefore the bid of the Newell Construction Co.nas accepted,and the Clerk to have the contract <br />a <br />on motion of Trustee Prescott,secmded by Trus.1Qillson