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YZNUTES OF THE P~OCEEDIEGS OF THE VILLAGE <br />C31,TL-CILn 3F 'I1= VILLAGE 3F Ei~IPJk AT A SPECIAL nP.EETIWG <br />217 j <br />PLeet2ngcalled to order at the home of Village Attorney,Ssc.A. <br />Kingsley fop the purpose of considering a gas frmchise to the <br />Ninneapolis Gas CO. ,Tor the Country Club Diebrict. <br />The f-ranchise presented by the Gas Co 'has carefully gone over. <br />several changes Eade and Atty 301% took it back for renriting <br />t,o be submitted later. <br />.I Rec 3rde r .