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and said Preskdent of the Vjlllage Council and Recorder of <br />said Village are hereby authorized to execute the afore said <br />contract fox=. and in the name of the Village and to affix the corporate thereof to &aid instrunent,slJbject to the approvs.1 <br />of the Village Attorney.Trustee Geo A*7illson seconded the foregoing resoultion,which upon vote taken IE.S declared car- <br />rfed r7ith the Clerk voting Bo. <br />The Village Council favored the Zoning bill and on motfon duly <br />made and seconded ths folloiving. resolution $9ds adopted <br />BE IT RE;SULV€D,that the Council of the Village-$r) the Village <br />of Zdina ,Hennepin County il;innJ approves lsgifiation advocated <br />by the League of Ginneso&a Xunicipali ties which would amend <br />the prssent zoning law applyhg to first class cities in order <br />to permit all other c;ities and vlllages to pass zoning ordin- <br />.antes. <br />The deed to the Village of EdSna by Thorpe Eras ta several <br />little parks in the streets in the Country Club Dist,vRs dis- <br />cussed and upon assurance by Thorpe Bros for the maintence of <br />said parks,r:as taken from the table on motioxi duly macle and <br />seconded,and carried,and was accepted on motLon and the Clerk <br />instructed to have it placed on record. <br />As Thorpe Bros.havc agreed to pay to the Village of Edfna the <br />amount of bonds and interest due each gear on the special assess- <br />ments, the follorclng resolution was a.dopted <br />and seconded. <br />!XiEREM,Thorpe Bros ,having agreed to pay to the Village of Edina <br />the amount of Eonds and interest due each year in the Faim-a;T Section,Coun%ry Club Dist .excepting that part assessed to the <br />Sarah G.Raird Estate thereby relieving the Village of any advance <br />the ft, &lght be required to make by reason of the un-equal anounts in certain years ,now therefore <br />BE IT RESOLVED,that the agreement as offered by Thorpe Eros. be <br />accepted and 8 varrant dram in their favor for any surpluss due <br />them from the assessment pafd in the year I926,~:hich sum is :18,34 <br />Xary-Frances , P3aughte-r of J.T .Delaney havhg passed amy the f 01- <br />loving resolution vas adopted on motion duly wade and seconded. <br />* <br />on notion duly made <br /><__ <br />TiTXEiEdS the all 7:dse Creator,in HIS great aiadon! haF Peen fit Lo <br />take to her heavenly home ,Kary-Frmc&e ,daughter of 9'r .k 3"rs. J ,T <br />Delaney. 1.1- Delaneg having served many yeare 8s an able council <br />Ean and president, therefore <br />BE IT RZSOLXED,that the Village Council of the VSllege of Cdfna <br />do offer their Fsncere condolence to the bereeved f~ptly of >;re <br />Delaney in the LOPS of their daughter md sister. <br />EE'IT FURTHER RESOLVED,that this resolution be spread on th,e I . <br />minutes end R copy be handed to Kr.Delaney. <br />The fo1lor:ing reeolut~onsaae adopted irk due form and sent to the <br />League of krimiclpali ties <br />FXSOLVEE'thh.".t the Village Council of the Village OS Zdfna ,FTennepin Coi-xnty f:inn. do hereby favor my 1e.gislati.c.s act %hereby each tovm <br />and frifl-age shall receive from the qtate Hi@way a just portion of <br />the motor pnd gas tax as paid xearly by each mxnicipplity for the <br />impravemrnts of mum9cipal roads and E tree ts <br />IiO.2. <br />Resolve: Chqt the VilLaGe Covmil of tbq Village of' E?lva.Hennepfn <br />Gounit~r l"inn,request the League of hiunicipslities to sponsor a Leg- :, islative act mpking ft compulsory for physScans attending coatage- <br />ous diseREes t.13 put lip ann" take dorm*antine notSceP,as required <br />by la?:, thus releivirig the mun9cipalitLes of the needles burden.