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253 <br />The Special Constable bond of Chas T,Hay for Country Club <br />Bistrict,mas presented and on motlon was accepted and a warrant for $5.00 premium favor of the Harriet State Bank was ordered. <br />At the request of Mr.E,R;P-.Sward that sidewalk benches be made along his property on Test 49th Street at his expense,the fol- <br />lowing bill of $138.25 was turned in by Street Commissioner Joy, <br />and at Mr.Y.L.Clark's request <br />vray at his expense a bill. of $127.30 was also turned in. <br />The Clerk was instructed to render each,Mr.Sward .& Mr.Clark a <br />bill on motion by Trustee Preseott seconded by Trustee X€llson. <br />for the Village to make his drive- <br />On motion it was decrded to continue membership in the League of <br />Iduniclpalities and a warrant was drawn for $30.00 for dubs for <br />the ensixelng year. <br />President Strong read a garnishee on B.J,Roberts 'wages of $105.90 He being a married marn.+laimed $35,00 <br />and the balance held, the Clerk was ' instructed to notify him we wanted no more garni,shees . <br />It was moved by Trustee %illson seconded by Knudsen the <br />hour of meeting be changed from 7:30 P.M. to 2: P.M.carr$ed. <br />whfch on motion was allowed. <br />On Votion the bill of L.T.NewelL for sidewalk on Aurora Ave.for <br />$401.24 was allowed and. the aat&on of the President '3c Clerk be <br />sus tflined . <br />The Clerk reported $2.75 'from plumbing permits,, Wallace mepard paeent in full for sidewalk 3n Test 50th Street of $36.37 and <br />T.J.Oxborough sfdemalk in full of $49.96,Byron Kells payment of $I7.00,George Millam paid in full for his sidewalk on France Ave. of $37.23 H.'iJ,Darr paid $1.00 for cutting street.tota1 $144.31 <br />was turned over to the Treasurer. <br />After auditing the road and miscellaneous bills they were allowed <br />on motion. Lawrenc e T , Neme 11 Sidewalk on Aurora Ave $402.24 <br />Frank Roberts team I84 hrs at 906 165.60 <br />John Trncey " I92 172.80 John Costello I' I92 172.80 <br />Harry VanRtta. labor' I92 hrs at 456 86.40 <br />Carl Roust It 48 21.60 <br />8 3.60 Louie, Stalzman <br />1: .Nelson A,Te bber 'I I72 hrs at 604 grader man 103.20 <br />50.40 <br />S.Sodergren I98 loads- of gravel Clam Johnson IZg yds gravel at 25c 3.13 President's salary for Oet. 35.00 E,T.Edson Clerk's kl % Supplies 61.85 R.R,Strong <br />25 000 <br />25.00 H. J ,Kniidsen <br />., 25.00 <br />c .F,Prescott <br />Geo.'Cillson Art Petersen Cons table ' s l? I0,OO <br />The Eergcr Mfg COO 238 feet of culvert 244.85 <br />J,D.Adams COO cutter f op plow 2 030 <br />tli,S,Joy St .Corn 24 days I20 000 <br />Soren Jensen 92 82 *80 <br />Jerry Collfns 'I .I64 73 080 <br />24 30 080 %I <br />Sl <br />49 a50 Ray Jensen I12 45 d <br />11 <br />It It <br />It le <br />Trustee ' s <br />E,Y.Harris gas for tractor I .68 Standard Oil Co. 525 gal .gas for tractor 68 025 <br />Hennepin County Enterprise pub. Sept report 3.60 <br />Harriet State Bank Constable's bond for CIT.Hay 5.00 <br />Lawrence T .Newell sidewalk a driveways on France Ave. 210.75 <br />llpls General Electric street lights for Sept. 55.29 <br />Alexander & Bradley , surveying 4r.00 <br />Sam Robert6 claim on amount of $105.90 35 00 <br />Harvey Balker Ex.Secy membership dues 30 00 <br />Total for month 2,397.24 \ <br />No further business meeting adjourned. <br />Recorder.