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President ELrong called t.Q&geeting to order in the Grange Hall <br />wt, 2 : P.H., All mernbereApresent but TivsLee H. J,Knudsen. . <br />The rr~lnutes of the last regular and speRial meetings were read artc? approved. <br />The Clerk peporbed that he got the mall maps from John T!,.Shaffer <br />and ViOtlld try to secure the balance of' the things soon,hoviever <br />iVr.Shaffer said ha would bring out the old atlas.% etc. <br />~tLe Z;~LZ of YLE~CO~~ for aZ0.00 for cleaning and- installing a <br />culvert at his driveway was discussed, As the Street Commissioner <br />had given him the culvert if he would install it,and as the w~t3x-F; <br />was not suthorfzcd,it was .moved by Triasiee 17illson and seconded <br />by Clerk Edson that* tne bill be not allomd,carried. The clerk to <br />notify I'Lr.Code of the action. <br />Attorney Kfngsley's bill of $575.30 for legal services for the <br />last itjFj3 years Nas readyafter. discussion,it WRS moved by Trustee <br />. FrescoLt,seconded by Trustee Tillson the bill be allowed and the <br />Clerk to hand Vr.Xii1gsley Lhe warrant,asking him to. hold it until1 <br />the Envomber Se"c1ement flas received ,carried. <br />h cmtract betimen the VI1'lag;e of Wins and the N,j?,Dadge (22. for <br />gra-veltcig kooddale Ave.from 58th Street to 62nd Street nnil 59th <br />Street, ~CPOSS their Addition from east to west giving the Village <br />Lot 22,Elock I.?,Fairfax,for doing the grwvcling;v!ss read, <br />It a&s nio-md by Trustee Prescott and seconded by Trustee :;illson the contrwt bs acceped and the President and Clerk authorized to <br />, .e <br />E i &l--, c EW1-i 2 (3 . <br />Tj~t: pt.e.ct>f.ri-ti'>fi defining what roads should be assessed laid over <br />frorfi 13~t n~eating vias,on motion,laid on the table on account OP . 9 resolution adopted May 9th,I904. <br />Fa;i,Eay havlng asked for one-half toil of coal and one-half ~3rd of <br />chllzk 7~00d .and after d&scussion,Trustee &illson vias ins tmicted to <br />opder thz con1 and wood and investigate. <br />The V1ll.q~~ resiilts ape as folloivs. For President D.F, <br />l<CG1iira k-.~+carder Ben B. Moore, J.X,Reipann Trustee for 3 years, <br />=eo Allison Trustee to Dec .3Ist,I928,C .F,Prescott Tmistea to Pec. <br />- <br />J, Asselin <br />Petersen Con- <br />&-* & y- <br />After auditing* the mad bills,on motton by Trustee FGescott, <br />secanded by Trustee %illson,they were allowed. <br />The miscellaneous bills were allowed on motion by Trustee Tillson <br />smonded by Trustoc Prescott,except theGbf.11 of Philpott % Bailey's <br />kill sf $11,&5 when.$IQ.50 had been nalred when ordered. <br />Pills on follotrrig page. <br />. <br />The follDViirig amounts were turned over to, the TrcFtsxvr: <br />ysiv I E P-FSB r t .i. n , plum Gi ng pe rmi t , 6 fix tiires <br />Fillr~~ fees for I3 candidates,for Village officas <br />Byron Eel1,ffna.l. p7~gment on sidewalk, full.. 12.96 <br />htal . $ 27.46 <br />$1.50 <br />rwo <br />I'