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264 \ <br />.. <br />.- <br />_. 1 <br />.J <br />Brt. fornasd 287. Qa J, %, Rekmnn, Salary Trustee Pebruaxy ri:250 80 * <br />Geo. A. Villaon ditto r25*00 <br />Co Fa Prsscott ditto ,25,00 <br />D. F, EcGuise . hlary Presidanf; February t 35.00 - <br />3en .Bo Xoore Salary Recorder February -60,OO - . J. J,DUggan Salary Treasurer February - ;22.50 -- <br />Tcltal E469,5% 6 <br />Road bills <br />Total fop Feby. <br />Eill from City of Einneapalis, Fire Dcpto for $822m50 covering fire 50th and France Aveq, IT-Q corner, building <br />‘belonging to Er Uneline of Thorpe Brothers, ,vas disapproved <br />and Recorder instructed to rettirn to Uinneapolis Fire DepL, <br /> bill from ?Zinneapolis Fire bep%. far $l87.50 <br />also far f5re services for fire Er Gooperts house Eden <br />.Prairie road, also on motion Beinan, second Villsan, -bas 4isallorred and Recorder instmrct.ed to return to PCinneapolis <br />Fire Dep.fae <br />Scmds of J*P..AssUn as Justice of the Peace and Zen ‘Be* Eoore, <br />as Village aecorder, each for $500.00 with Potwr of ~,t’contney <br />certificates attmhed thereto , presented to Council and upon <br />being found astisfaclszy t7ere accepted and ordered filed, <br />i’ir PaLtecb, of Brookside appeared before the Council and sLated <br />quamy aLones were being -thrown along Xorthfield 2: Southern i3y at Division and Brookside Am, <br />right of nay‘of Kpla. <br />Check for :>10,5Q refund on @as tax for nonth J&nusry received frm Division Oil Inspection, and turned over to Treasurer. Check for $lO,OO for Yoad work done by fomer Village Road! <br />wev, for Interlacke’n Club, reed. ” and turned cjvek’ e‘a Trep&es?, Check for $127mSQ for road work also done by former’ Village <br />Road Crew an private road for VTI,L.CZar&, recieved ana turbesf mer to. Treasurero 5s <br />e <br />August Berg, P7vmbei, paid for plumbing pernit as follows <br />total $5,25 ttrhich vas ttxzned over to Treasurero <br />Total receipts $253. Q5 % I <br />7 ffxturea :‘tl,?5 - 2 inspections $3,00 and 805s’ hsaufng fee <br />Ruad Cormisslanor, Elir Delmey, reported tb- \a‘ t road graders, m~trer and other Village apparatus 173s in neea af: repafrs and <br />thBt same should be done at th€a time in order t9 be ready, <br />~lr’hen needed, <br />cotmittec to inspect and *order necessary repairs made. <br />2.W J.t?,Sbffcr, appeared before the Council in the matter <br />taken up w%th kiim by llr Strong, Village Attorney, and stated Village should Pave grade sbecl~~ tracings also old original <br />atlas and th& he mould deliver same to the Councib. be further tadv%sed field notes vmre considcrcd property of the engineer 8s well as certain tracings when simply hired to <br />prepsfr a survey, It was agreed betrreen the Council and LTr Shaffer that he vould furnish any prints fram tracings nhicb <br />he may Pave at any time on ba9io of cos% plus LO$ and .t;Ps?$ <br />Elr Skaffer would write confimalian of abovee <br />On .motion \vi1135n second Prescott, Street Comlos,ioner !o .be <br />aJlonod $3, QQ for ea& Council meeting a$tendc&r, ykep no$ <br />Preaident appointed Trustees Rsfmann .hnd 17illao n <br />. <br />0 II o$herniss mrking for Village, carried, <br />. - I. <br />‘I <br />, .. . ir ,