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The aeeting was called to order by tbe President and on roll <br />calx all lraerilbers 17rere found to be present. <br />Xinutea 'Bf laa% regular meeting keld on.Marcb 1QtL vie11 <br />LEM opecial meetings held on Earch 13th., Narch <br />4tkLIp vie'lle read and approved, <br />22nd,, and April <br />Recorder rcport;c?d on bill presented at last meting from Car18s <br />Rumiuhed th Day family on December 2QtL 1927, kjving been <br />orcl~*oA by f ornier Village President and not heretofore billed. On rwtlon Reirnann, seconded by Willson be alPOt7ed and paid, curried. <br />Bill. from G,&Sacks, for $25.00 for distributing proposed Baw Vil%uce Charter boOkB throughout the ViXlage, as arranged for by <br />Chartar Cs~mission, received ana on motion Willson, seconded by Preocott, "lac allowed and ordered paid, carried. <br />Trustee Reimann, offered motion that Tiecorder purchase dQlicate ur'dar 'ircasks Tor 1,1138 by Recorder and Road Commissioner, to be <br />uacci vhen ever purchases were made, Road Commiosioner, pur- ckm;ao Lo be limited to small t%ols, repairs for 'Tillage tractor <br />and other equipmenl, gasoline and oil. each month, On being aaconded by Prescott, carried and so o-rdcred, <br />0 . Earkst for $5.44. It WELG found t~ cover lbterea of groceries <br />Books to be turned in <br />.. - <br />2% BJor2zraan and Xr Kell, living on Vest 49th Street, requested <br />pamisoion to lay sidermlks in fra'nt of their property at 3921 <br />Psoscott wconded by Reimann, request be granted, carried, <br />The am of $5.35 collected by Recorder from Gust Eoaglund, for pfumb%n& gemLt at 4617 Arden Avenue, turned over 'bo Treasurer. <br />It ',rm agrcad 'oetneen aenbers of the Council thet matter of open- <br />ina \'Jest 49th Street, be refered to Road and Brldgc Cormittoe, . <br />. rind 3928 West; 49th Street, and that Village set grade, On motion <br />0 <br />- CoxmnUnkcrttian from Alice L, Ovcrholt, Secretasy, Unnc&kia Grange, <br />rewived and advising tht on account of 'cke extra expense incusecl <br />7:hen Gran~c b31l. was used for election pur~s~etl~ that it <br />' IILI nec~~lsa;zry LO chrzrg~ $lO*OO Vh~n st] used. On motion Reimann <br />wconded by Villaon, Village pay $10.00 for Grange Fall when uacd <br />'f~r election purpo~es, carried and Recorder instructed to advise Gsange sc CY@ tary . <br />rY ~rrcflitccn Prsscott and IXillson, qsi Committee on Road Grader and <br />Sr3afifitxP, reported on r@sults their investigations, and on motion <br />Pse?c;lco$t seconded by f"Jil1son that an Adarns #31 Grader vith roller <br />%c13i4in33 and scarifying aktachenl and two extension blades be <br />srile~ed and to be paid for on basis 3 year rental contract, carried, <br />Trwntae Reiraann presented a motion tbat Recorder purcl-;tse 5 copico of Irinnesota Village Code, for use by Council, on being seconded <br />by preocott, carried. <br />am motion Prescott, seconded by t7$lbsan, tkiat fire insurance be <br />* plnceii on Billctze Tractor, snow fenceing and other oquipmcnt <br />the prcq2rty of Village of Edina, afi me11 as $200. be placed on Tractor sbed, and tbt Trustee Reirnann act as the Insurance Corn- <br />mitto of the Village of Edfna, and arrange for placing of the in- <br />BU ran c e, c vir2 e do <br />XiscuXlancouo bills as follaao on being checked and audited <br />and found correct were on motion Refmann, seconded by lc'Jillnon <br />be a2Xowrcd and ordered paid <br />Bflls on following page <br />0 <br />carried,