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Lyle Culvert & Road Eq Co, 1 culvert 3 :.:37.44 <br />Eenncpin County Revien, 1200 copies proposed now 4 <br />chrter & 2000 circulars 4 -76e50 I <br />272 <br />Chs Efller 8: Son, 1 pick 1. lo50 <br />Xinneapolis GeEeSo ltlIerch Street Lighfng 1.56 25 <br />li'm E. Ziegler Co 1 gaaket for tractor I- v50 <br />Burgess-Roseberry Co Uirneagraphing r 205'5 <br />Eennepin County Reviovr, Published notive D 3*60 <br />Eiller-DaViS CO Elect ion suppli E EJ t- 2e95 <br />GeX, Sacks, Diatributfng proposed chartese 0 bookleta as arranccd for by Ckarter Commission I t 25.00 <br />E. qe Barr 20 loada gravsz 0 25$ r-5.00 <br />Joe Roaehez 56 loadG gravel 8 2o/r: ri1.20 <br />stapa etc 3 montbs <I ,6005 <br />s'f. Fe Garvey Supp3ieD and toola for <br />Eo TIo Fami D Gas 8 oil for Village tractor '1.32e10 <br />Edina Grocery Grocries for poor <br />Pkilpott- Bailey Co Coal for poor <br />Road bills for past month mere presentad and upon audit and, <br />examination rrcre found correct and on motion? ?'lillson seconded <br />by Rcimann, be alloved and ordered paid, carried <br />They are as follow <br />. Rccojrder's Officc Expcriaco recording dcod <br />Vi1LaE;e tractpr 'f- 9.45 <br />Alexander C: Bradley En@.ncer@a services r.29,OO <br />Tot <br />De 3'eEcG~iZe Salary President I- ::35.00 <br />Ja Je Ih@~i;a,n Salary Treaaurcr . . j-12,50 Geo, A, 1'7Allson Salary Trustee g-25000 <br />JvEv Reimann Sqlary Trustee i- 25 e 00 <br />C. Fv Prcscatt Salary Trustee p-25.00 <br />Ben 33, tioore Salary Recorder 1- 60,OO <br />A, Vebber 157 hrn labor @ 60jf 0 94,20 <br />Fa Day 104 Hrs labor 8 45p (odJustod) G3Ze66 J, 3yan 72 kirs labor @ 45~3' k32.40 0 <br />Geo Eillian 40 ditto t 18600. <br />Leo Delaney G l10vOO <br />Cv TJktiGinC; 122 ditto V109e80 <br />11 8 97e20 <br />El Delanoy 136 <br />It v 28v80 <br />J, J. DuGcan 108 <br />J. Pearson 32 <br />Se Je Roberto 154-2 brs labor 3 60/1 E 92070' <br />Jerry Collins 116 ditto t 5%,2?0 <br />Farm Vannatta 154 Fzs labor 0 45# ~ G 69v38 <br />22 days 0 $5,00 per day . <br />1 Jcrh Tracey 131 Pis labor niLL team G90# t 137e90 <br />I1 + 122.40 <br />Total Road Xl.ab60.06 <br />Total Ziscl 521.53 . <br />Total April expend. $14$1.69 - - <br />110 further business meeting adjourned 7 P,E. J <br />% <br />Village Recorder )