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275 <br />. <br />164 €as Tractor labor @60$ I 098.40 <br />163 Iirs Tractor labor 19708Q <br />104 Era labor 0 45p' J 82.80 ditto I 73a80 <br />I1 841*40 3.64 <br />I1 l8lr QO 92 <br />180 <br />23 days Street Comm,@&j.QO ~lX5~00 <br />96 Fis labor Q 45$ a 43.20 <br />173 €irs labor with team 090~t~256.'?0 <br />163 ditto ir14sje70 <br />I1 p153.90 <br />II B 1aa. 6Q <br />173, <br />124 <br />Garease Ax h Grub Eoe I 6.22 <br />2 lanterns with ruby glass F 2.20 27 loads graveb f6.75 <br />Pay special constab3.e Chaster <br />ElectZsn and taking <br />Tota1 Nay expenditure $1636.12 <br />Check for the sum $5,25 from Swan Plumbing Company for permit <br />4612 Arden 'Avenue, turned over to Treasurer. <br />BiI2.c for circulars, postage and personal servicec Er Walker in cannectfon vith Charter election, were recefved from Ns: Sacha, <br />and rcfered to Village Attorney <br />On account of none of the candidates elected at last Village electson for Constable having qualified, It was moved Refmamn <br />' seconded Koare that Kr M.R.Baas, be appointed Village Constable tvfthawt p~y, but to be redm'bu-saed for actual expemes incurred in actunX Derfomance of officdub duties, -carried. <br />An order on Villa.@? Treasurer of tvazata for $1.70 was received <br />being in paynent $02 17 coplea of the Rem Props6d EdSna C-rter <br />v~S1Rch was ordered returned. Recorder to mrite Clerk of Wazata <br />to accept copies witk- compliments Village of Edina. <br />Application for permit from Gas Company to install 464 feet 12" <br />and 3.60 feet Gg8 ~aa main in 'Vest 5Qth Street, betvieen* Eilifax Ava <br />and France Ave, sfse 32QQ feet 12" and 5,776 feet gas main in Vest 50th Street from rear lot line Arden Avenue, \7esLerly to <br />Junction Fdon Prairie Road and highway #5 ria8 recefv@d+ Prescott aecsnded by Vilbson permit be granted subject to Councdk <br />' <br />0 <br />On motion <br />xPeSOlUP,iOn Ap'SiI 4th 1928, CarYfede <br />Recorder offered the folloving resolution in connection with the <br />50 Strect paving. <br />IYmmM, the County Board of Eennepin County, did under date of Uarcln 19th. 1928, adopt iz resolution directing County h2&mi.y Engineer, T7.EeDu~kett to prepare plans, specificationa, and estjbru- atera af coat far to pave County Road Xo.2, knovn as Vest 60th, Street;, during the year 1928, <br />IXXV TEJ=R%FORE, BE lelc RXSOLVED, that we8 the Village Councfl of <br />the VilXagc; of Edina, expreso our appreciation to osfd County <br />Board, to their Secretary, and to the County €igh?ay Engineer for tkeelr co-operation in the improvement of this important art- <br />* esisX bigh;7a.y, and %hat a capy of this resoluthonllbe forwarded <br />Lo the County Board of Hennegin County. <br />Tkre question ams on the adoption of this resolution, and the <br />ro13, being called were 5 yeas and no nays, <br />ET GwbeXf, Engineer. far Thorpe Brothers, addressed the Council <br />on the proposition of the Vilbage paying for the 44 atreet 1fg;htG <br />located in *fie Country Club District. After considerable diG- <br />cussion ft mas agreed this matter would have to be a past of the general lighting program of the Village and would have to wait <br />e <br />furthgr actitan.