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A Ur O~EOII, havine; a gravel. pit at South lfnits of Xdfna, <br />via8 present and offered a proposition to supply concrete <br />sand mixed with pea gravel. and to deliver 5&me anyvhere in <br />fi1lage.for 85g per Cubic yard. <br />Road Comiasioner, Xr Lea 'Delaney, wad present and presented <br />a repore on roads in the Village as 17ebl as work done an G@B~ <br />to date. <br />Mr Chance and, Er Irgens; of Halifax Avenue, were present and <br />y;em advioed there was no record of any petition fsr a side- <br />r14lk on file. requesting the laying of cidenalk.Iizl$fax A*e. . e. <br />It ma mover Prescott, seconded FYiIbson, request of Farriet <br />Stzfse Emk, to kulptituts certain New Vork CentrzLb Linea, <br />bondhi, in lieu of Pernbington County bonde; held as collateraf <br />for Village ftinda, Carriedr <br />The Bf13 of Dr Jmea,B3ake, in the mount ,$U3S0 00 for fcee <br />&E beaflh Officer far Village to Narch l9f;h., 1928 vas on <br />motion Prqscott, neconded Villson, he allowed and paid, Capri &. <br />I?eq~ect from. 2?-8 Be13 Telephone Company, fer permit to set a <br />polo at Ealoney and Usnk Ave granted. + <br />- <br />9.t was moved by PrescstPt, seconded Willson, Recorder be .in- <br />structed to request 3000 feet of 8nov fence from Cougty Board <br />of Lonnepin County, carried, <br />f <br />Xoved by Reimnn, seconded,Willssn, warrant be dram fn favor <br />Phelps-Drake Company, for 22493.60 in .accord with estinafc of EnC;'fnoer Graber, for work done as of July Is%. on i7eat 5Qth* Street fmprevement, Carried, <br />Eattar of nev Traffic Orciioace for Village of Edina, WAD acted <br />upon by mading of Nerr Bropeed Traffic Ordinnee to promote anta. conserve public safety, heabth# peace, convenience and vrelfaro <br />by regulating the operation of vefdc2ea and the u8e of tho strct3t;n of this Village, prescribing penalitiea for the viol- <br />PtfOn f;kiE!FBQf* On moticln Reimann, cscnnded. Preocott be adopt- <br />ed, carried unaminousay. <br />Roeelpta by Recorder and turned over to 'ilreaourer since bast <br />meetin6 were ac follows <br />/ <br />, .- <br />T;a furtbep business meeting adjourned Ils4S P.& <br />Village Recorder,