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VIXREAS, tke Zinncapolisrljtrect. Railtray, Compmy is operating <br />a street railrray system in tke city of Yinneapolia, Fiinnesota, <br />under an Indeterminate Permit from the State, of L'innesota, - pcreuant to Chapter 278, Laws of 19F1, and oporntinc ;I, single track street railyzay line on Prance Avenue Soutk to Yif'cieth Street ; and <br />V€XRZ$S, France Avenue South io -the dividing lint? betneen tk-e city of IIinneepolia and the Village' gf Xdina, and tke i'lesterly <br />one half of c part of mid France Avenue South is, and is claimed to be, in the Village of Edina, and <br />. ' -- l'?IXRF:AS, tke people of said Y'illage of Edina are anxious far <br />a double track street car service on said avenne; <br />- is kereby granted the rigkt and privilege of constsucting, <br />maintaining and operating anotker line of street railray tracks, <br />toCi;ather vfth a11 ties, svritches, vyeo, turnouto, poles, vires and other necessary equipment along and upon-Preznce Avenue <br />So.r~th, Test of the center line thereof, from the ITortkerly limits <br />of the Villace of Edina ttrhere it; abuts on the said France Avenue <br />Soutk, (zrhich said Nortkcrly limitn, so abuttine, arc kereby <br />stated to bc t1.s South line of SscLion Ssen (Cec.7) ck-ere it <br />interaacts mid Frame Avenue South), and from oiiicl point ' <br />Southerly to aid includina Pifty-fourtk Street and France Avenue Southe <br />In the event tkst that portion of France Avenue as tk:s same is <br />not;' or may Lereafter be opcned, laid out, sidenod or desiwated, witkin the limits of the VtlLage of Edinrt ia paved and tLe ~k~le <br />coat of suck paving is borne by tke Village of Edina, tke ?!!inn- <br />eapolis Street Railsay Caraptmy t*rill at itfi awn coat or expcnee <br />pave or cause to be paved tkat portion of said Avenuc lying bct;-mm tke antes rails of ita tracks zitkin t1.e Tfilla@ of Zdina, <br />Pba Xlnnsapczlirj, Street Rezilvmy ComFany sk-all hold tko Village of Xdina kzzri2.e~~ from any damage for which it ncy be 1epI.L~ liable <br />caused bj or resuli5e'fng from tke construction and naintenance of <br />its tracks nitkin tbc Village of Edina and tke opmtim of its <br />The vote being upon tke adoption of tke resolution nkereiii there <br />vere fire 3yes md nc na;rs a~ follorrs <br />, stsect railmy cars thereono <br />- Pre ai dent <br />Attest illace Recorder.