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IQ' 3 <br />A petition for grading that portion of West 54th Street from <br />Prance Avenue East to Zenieth Avenue lying in the Village of <br />EdinEt w(Tr&B received, which motion Prescott seconded Reimann <br />be refered to Road Committee, carried. <br />I <br />Tkie following miacel2aneQus bill upon examination and found <br />correct, were on motion Presestt, seconded. Willeon, be allowed and ordered paid, carried <br />Menn epin C ounty Poor Barn S~rvice S$29,5Q <br />L.M,Caq3bbES. Ken, Services Bealtb Officer <br />Bemepin County Review Published Notice 6030 <br />Village Zdorningside Oiling Sunnpidde Road 15.00 <br />& treatnent Nad dag case 105.00 <br />Minneapolis GE ~smpany March Street lighting 430.89 W, B, Garvey 2 BhQVelB 2.7Q <br />Edina Hardware 1 shovel 1.30 <br />E. W. Harris Gas & Oil for tractor 46e53 <br />Minnesota Shell Corpp, Gas & Oil-for tractor 3. 59 <br />A, Sodergren 43 loads gravel 80 60 <br />W. Eacek IO loads gravel 2.50 BSrs Claus J=oPmson 22 loads gravel 5.50 <br />16,96 Edina Grocery Groceries for poor <br />A, C. Lamon 6 loads erushed lime stone 6.00 <br />Edina Garage Battery rental & repairs 5,40 <br />Wendell. Company Officers) shields 8E badges 13.W <br />D, P. MGGUiFe Salary President 35,OO <br />Ben B. Moore Salary Recorder 60,UO <br />J, E e Re imann : Salary Trustee -- <br />The following road bills upon exminiation and being found <br />correct, were on motion Willson seconded Reimsxln, be allowed <br />and ordered paid, crakried, <br />W. H. ZI egler C o Tractor repairs 10.75 <br />J. J. Duggan Salary Treasure* 250 OO <br />George A, Y?ilIs~n . Salary Tmatee 2 25600 C,R,Prescott Salary Trustee 25,OQ <br />T0ta.l $904, 42 <br />t we so Joy z 189 hrw Street Cam. $132,30 <br />8, J'. Robert s 198E brs Tractor labor 188.60 <br />P, Webbi?2.7, 198 hrs Tractor Y.a%o~ 1380 60 <br />Harry Vranatta 168 hra road labor) '75660 <br />Bert Johnson l6 hrs road labor 7.20 <br />J. Collins 140 brs road labor 63.00 <br />Frank Roberts 16 klrs road labor 7.20 <br />John Tracey 56 hre road labor 25*20 <br />Be Remple 33 hrs road Labor 14e85 <br />Nack Pe*ert3csn 12 hrs road labor 5e40 <br />I <br />Le Taplin 33 hrs road labor 14.86 <br />John Tracey 132 hrs road labor with team 118.80 <br />Frank Roberts 66 hrs road labor with team 50.40 <br />S. J. Robert s 8 hrs road labor 30 60 <br />A* Webber 3 hra road labor a- <br />$796 . 95 -- Total -- <br />Receipts since last meeting by Recorder and turned over to <br />Treasurer viere <br />F.C.Baldw%n Plumbing permit 4612 Arden $5*50 <br />Minutea of regular meeting &-J~-EE~ 9th and special meetings held an March 23rd and April 6th, were read and on motion Reimam <br />seconded Brescott, be approved, carried. <br />It was moved Prescott, aecondsdeby Willson, that regular council. <br />meetings for next six months he held at regular! date but at 7.30 <br />PN. carried, <br />No further business to come before the meeting motion %o adJeum <br />carried 6 Pnn* <br />Village Recorder