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. .. <br />I JOB, fieirnann TsusQee Salary September $25 . 00 <br />Ben Be Moore Recorder Salary Septep'er 60000 <br />CuFe Presa~tP, Trustee $alary September ? 25 QO <br />Ges A. Willson Trustee Salary Septernber 25. QO <br />Ye Je Dugga Treasufer Salary September 25 a 00 <br />D.F.WCGUiFe President Salary September 35aOO <br />Totab $1,741,74 -- <br />The bibls of Ld.,2Ro Bbsckbuq~ Ad H.ReBass, for $40,OQ act $5Q.80 <br />~eapectfally 3'02 'ipolick 8e-e'rvftes were 'on motion Relmmn, sec~nde d <br />Pseacott, b3 allowed and ordered paid carriede <br />13111 of 'C;R.Boesama, for trimming trees in Country Blfub DistrSct for $140000 was on motion Preecott seconded Willson, bo allowed <br />.. <br />< <br />md ordered paid C~T%e?de t <br />I <br />I 1 <br />? 3!tal expenditure for Septeabsp &,639e 40 <br />Recorder the followiiig reeolutioa <br />i <br />Vhereas, by deed recorded in the office of the Register of <br />Deeds of Hennepfn County in Book 956 of deeds, page 332# there was conveyed to the Village of Edias certain premises <br />described in said deed 8s fa'lllovra: 5 <br />-located in said County of Bemepin, State of EiIinneasta, <br />I <br />"The Easlt thirty (38) fee% of the Southwest Quarter (SE4) of the Northeatrt $uar%er of Southesst Quarter and the South <br />half ef the Northwest Qtoarte~ of the Northessjt Quarter of <br />the Southeast Quaarte~r of Section 18 (181, Tosrrwship Twenty <br />eight (28), Range Twentyfour (24)gf0 <br />. <br />And Vhereas, it; was the intention of the parties Lo said <br />deed to convey to the Village of %din& only the fellswirig deFjczlibed gremiwm: <br />Y'2The Past thirty ($0) feet of $he Southq.&mt Quarter of the <br />Northeast Quarter of Seutheaat Quartel: ofSee"bisz Xighteen <br />(IS), Township Twenty-eight (281, Range Twenty-fhur (241, and the East-thirty (30) feet-of the South half of Mort;h.wst <br />Quartear, of IJorthemt Quarter of Southeast Quarter of' eedd Section 18, Township 28, Range 24": <br />Bow Therefore, be It resolved by %he City Council of the <br />Village of Edina that %ti order to correct and make qlem the <br />description in the above described deed, the President and <br />Cl~rk of the Village: be and they are hereby authorized and . directed. to execute in the navne of the Village of Edins, under <br />its corporate sed, a quit.cladm deed for a, consideration of <br />#l.,OO to Mary E. Arine, of the following described premises situated in the County of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, t o-wi't : <br />"The South haaf of the Northwest Quarler of Northeast Quarter <br />of Southeast Quarter of 8ectSsn E$&%egn (I$), Township <br />Twenty-eight (281, Range Twenty-four (341, except the Eaaaterly <br />thirty (30) feet thereof kereta conveyed to the Village of <br />Edina, fop madtray purpose^^^, <br />and to deliver said deed upon said consideration to Mar? <br />- <br />E A~fnse I <br />The motion was upon the adoption of the reaolutfon wberein there were five ayes and no nays mi followp, McGufre Aye, <br />Prescott &re,. Vilbaon Aye, Refmcmn, Aye, Moore Aye, and so <br />ordered.