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8 \ By 'dl?lllson a President appoint committee to investigate and report at next Council meeting, carried. ?,Bereupon President XcGuiPe 'appointed Trustees Reimann and jPrewxtte <br />3or the corning Village ELectfsn to be held on Beeernbe2 -the Council on motion Reimann, seconded Villson I appointed such men- Bers of the Council as could serve and. not othervise interested in the election, as Judges and Clerks of &leetion, carried. <br />A conmunication was read'frorn Secy Eanna, of the ?Iinnlietonk,;a h- provenent Asan. stating the Village Cou-ncfl were entitled to five members on the Corirmittee of 100 for the paving of Highmy #12, <br />\?eat of f,inneapolis to mgzata. Fecs~der was instructed to advise Secy Hanm, giving names an& addresses of the Council rnernbem as thoae ivho would serve on above Committee. <br />AppXicatioa of Northwest Eel1 Telephone Company fm pexmission to erect pole~l, lines and anchora at France Ave and 59th S$e l'pl@, West 52nd St between Piaxifax Be France Ave b pole,. and Xerxss <br />Ave South south of Vest 60th St., 2 ~6188, vas on motion Willson second Reimann, be granted I carried. !the matter of dividing the Village now cornprieing one election district, into several. election districts, mm diacusaed at len- <br />gth. appoint a Committee to imes2igate and goprt at a special mee'cirg to be called later, casscied. President appointed Trustee Prescott and Trustee VilXson, on this Committee. <br />1 <br />After which it iva3 moved Moore,2nd l%ilimm, that President <br />A communication from County Eighfvay Engineer regarding damages to oiled roadm-by tractors- with lugs wawread, The Recorder being iriatmcted to advise County Highway Engineer Bfir Duckett, that <br />the Council would co-operate in every way and to learn the bee% w@a for doing 68. - --- , <br />Letter under date of October 1st. from Dr Loorell M, Campbell, <br />ViI3.ebge Bealth Officer, was read in the matter of Mrs Martine, <br />whom the Family Welfare Bureau, had suggested be placed at the County Farm at the expersflie of this village, The opinion of <br />Dr Campbell being in accord with all rnenbera of the Council, it <br />was deemed advisable to let the matter drop. <br />A Quit Claim Deed by William E, Code and Blanche C. Code, husband and wife, John Hagburg and Jo~sphfns Bagburg, hueband and wife, quitclaiming and conveying to the Village of Ehina, for road <br />pur 0886, the Eortki ten (10) feet sf lots One (1) and twentyfour <br />(247, Block One (1); TRe North ten (10) fee& of lots One (I) and twelve (12)' Block Two (2) arid the North ten (lo) feet of Lots One (E) and Twelve (121, Black Three (31, all in Caries Highview <br />Park, fvaw offered, whereupon Trustee Reimann offered the following <br />Resolution. <br />\WEMAS, Nr Willim E. Code and otbera batre delivered to the Village Recorder, a Quit Claim Deed to the north ten <br />feet of Lots one and twentyfour in Block One, the North <br />ten feet .of ,Lot8 One arid Twelve in Block Wo, and the North ten feet 63 Lgbto'Ons and Twelve in Block Three, all in Codes Bighviea Paark, in the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, aceording to plat thereof on file in tkie office of the Register Q$? Deeds of said County. - AND WFJBAS* said conveyance is made for the sols purpose <br />that the land so conveyed shall be accepted, used and de- <br />dicated for general road pUrpoE3eBe <br />THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Vilbage Council of the Village of Edfna, accept said property on behalf of the <br />Village of Edina, subject; to the hbove mentioned provision, <br />The vote being upon the adoption of the Resolution wherein <br />there were five Ayes and no N~ys as fellows, McGuire Aye, <br />Willson Aye, Prescott Aye, Reimann Aye, Noore Aye, and so ordered. <br />Cont. on page 29. ..