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66 The Road and Village Billsupon being fownd correct vere on <br />and carried.. They are ax follows <br />motion Xeirmnn, be allowed and prdered paid, seconded Presco-bt a <br />J el3 e Sn~~vew Park labor $7 6, 50 <br />50 00 I& EeIi; Cam>bell <br />P t 7 8 zo Cliff Thiting Labor witkt team Louis 8%?3dlzman Woad labor 73080 Ben Ranp28 Road l&or 46080 <br />John Tracy- Labor with tea 15%04O <br />A. Yfebber Tractor operator 5Se80 <br />S e J ,Eoberts Utility Ynan Sept-Oct 125000 P.A&edpath Villaee li&trshsll Sept-00% 125.00 <br />T?e SoJoy Street comissioner Sept-oct P 125.00 <br />J .S. t;l ebam Trustee Oct '25900 <br />25800 c 8PIFreseott 25.00 GOO Ae ?YiZlson D B *XcGuir e President 36.00 <br />P '25oOO JoJoDugge.ia ' Treasurer Eea Be goore Eecorder 11 75600 <br />Totd 8 4 3511a 50 <br />Eealth Officer services <br />11 I1 <br />tt It <br />< <br />9. <br />Dr 3'. Denton VhiLe, President of the Counss;tJ Club Association appea~ed. before the CouncKl yegarding the establishing 04 a fieLieP Fund to serve tihe entiire Village of &dine, thought n@cesxmy because <br />of the failure of the Eimeapolis*Community Fund to serve but a liaite mea in lidina. 1% was the suggestion of Doctor Thite, that <br />condit 4 * onally upon the efforts of the Count-ry Club Associstfon to establish such a fund wt its October rizeetliig, %ha,% "&e Couiici1 instruct its Recorder to Wite those in charge of the Xinneapolis <br />;y rtv,nd,qnd request of then that they not solicit funds in <br />&d&iia, Peeorder vms so ordered* <br />The Council went into executive session in-the matter of selecting and additional Village Ikrshall. After careful ConSideratiQn of <br />all applicants, it was moved Eeimenn, that &;Zmer He Chelstrorn,, be <br />mployed as Village XarshaXl for be VilXage of &dins,, at a nalaqy <br />of "':l50.00 per month, to include furnishing of a raotoor cycle in <br />good state of Tcpafr and officerts unif"ox?m by said Chelstram, sec- onded by Xooreo The vote being by' secret ballot and. was 4 yotea in Pavor of motion and 1 vote opposed and so declared 1 carried, <br />Traffic Committee of the Council reported on Vest 50~ 'Street <br />"t;rco,fPi.c signso signs be purchased asd erected by direction of the Council sf the <br />Village of ddina, as fOllOVS- <br />a'c junction :7es:t 50th St and EIighmy $, Vest of $5 South side V 50th <br />oil Sou-bh side ?ks% 50th StS vesL of- 3v.nction vritlz old ?%S% 50th 8%. <br />300 fee% &st of Club House on South side of 'Yest 50th Street <br />One at SoUth-WeSt COT~BT and one at EJorth-east corner of Tooddalc Aveiiue mdL ::'ers:t 50th Streeto 1 fWesidenLia1 Dist~5ct Speed Limit 25 miles <br />on Uor-kIi side ':lest 50th St midway between &den :and BX'UC~ AV~?~AU~SQ "Wtering Mina Vi1J:age Reduce Speed" <br />a,-blSorJch-t~est corner Prance Avenue and 7kst 50th Street 50 feet YTest of Brrznce Avenueo <br />One on Iooddale Avenue IJorth of intersection with Vest 50th Street and one ';ioo,ddale Ave South of intersection with ?fee% 50th S"ce@t <br />011 al~,j:e road. ?Torth of intersection with Interlacken Road at dlu-nd's <br />COT~~~F, Xo~th of I.:irror Lake, <br />All this being agreeable to all mabers of the council, <br />1L <br />C <br />After discussion it 17as moved Prescott that tmffic <br />1fVilla~;e S-hreet Reduce Sveedtt <br />"Bnger Slovs Dorrn" <br />Tesidential ?District Speed Limit 25 miles I) <br />t Vross Roadsff , <br />- <br />"S1 O'.Y <br />llCurve Lef'c" I <br />Kotion seconded. by Moose and carried,