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'Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council of thg Village of Edina, held in Grange Hall on March 9, 1931, at . <br />8 PIE* <br />T~c? meeting was called to order by President XcGuire, the roll tva8 called. and all members of the Council were found to be present. <br />I!& S.W.B&zbaon, appeared before the Coumfb and submitted a proposed <br />plat for subdividing the tract of about 40 acres lying Nerth and East of the Villaon Road and Vest 70th Street, as surveyrd by JoE.Hill, Civil. Xngineer, and to be known its Boney View Acres. After ex- <br />planation and discussion it wa~ moved Boore, that plat be received and refered to Ville,gte Engineers for report at next regular meeting, <br />seconded Prescott and carried. <br />The miscellaneous bill8 u$on examination and beiui found correct, <br />were on motion Reslmanm, be allowed andl ordored paid, s@esnded Willson and carried., thcy are as follows- <br />H.V.Johnoon Culvert Co <br />~Couuatry Club Garrage <br />Aei If er-Bvfe Company Earrett Company <br />Gregg tl Fmarraacy Fni lp o t t Edina Hardware Frefhl Plumb & Heating Co <br />EL-?? Bell Telephone Co <br />3Zinnenrpolfs G .EOCO United MoLom Service United Motors Service lidina Grocery Deckme Community Store <br />B.B.Harris <br />i 3. ey C o <br />I in Ciw ~ns Agency Thomas Ryan Hennqifi County Review <br />VJ. Po Garvey Park Transfer Co <br />City of Uinneapolis <br />Road culverts $960 60 <br />Storage, Battery & Repairs police car 31026 <br />KP Tarvia, 944 61 <br />Poor relief 1.38 <br />Coal for poor 33.96 <br />Road supplies 30 45 Gafvo iron for tractor cab 40 50 XarshwlJlts police telephone 40 25 <br />February Street lighting 405087 Service Police radio 6.25 <br />Service Police radio 30 34 Groceries for poor 67e89 Groceries for poor 5393 Gas & Oil for Blfce car c_ <br />and tractor 660 64 ~orknanb Cemp. fnswrance 391.57 Road gravel 35.00 <br />Road tools a* 65 Snow plowing with truck 19.25 Fire Depto service to date ( a,djwtsd) 250.08 <br />Off ic e suppli es 4.40 <br />PPxblfshed BTotfces 9.90 <br />Total 8 1,533.88 <br />The Road and Village bills upon sx&inatfon and being found correct, irere on motion Prescott, be allowed aYid ordered paid, seconded by <br />XLllaon and carried. They are as fol~ok78 <br />P.A.Redpath, <br />Eoscoe E. Mieske <br />John Tracy <br />Een Remple <br />L. Stalzman <br />John Tracy <br />S.J.RoberLa <br />A* Webber <br />Vas, JOY <br />D F .Mc Gu%~ e <br />J J .Duggan <br />Ben E. Moore George A,' Willson <br />C .P.Prescott J . Eo Reimann <br />Village EffarihaS.3 Feby-?&r <br />Labor witkt tern <br />Road labor Tractor operator, <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Utilfw man Peby-Xaxx Street Conmissioner Fe'ky-firiar <br />March - President March Treasurer March Recorder Wrch - Trusted <br />Village Marshal1 88 <br />Narch Trust e e Narch - Tmstee <br />$124e12 <br />141* 96 <br />1650 60 <br />22.50 <br />57605 <br />86e40 <br />3.60 <br />125eOO <br />3.25000 <br />35000 <br />25000 <br />75,oo <br />25.00 <br />25.00 <br />Application in form ly V.A.&rglund for building permit to build <br />a chichen house on rem let 26, block 14, West Ninneapolis Heights, <br />mE1 on motion Prescott, be granted, seconded Reimann, and carried. <br />Application in form by Sven Wold, for building permit to build <br />stucco r eoidenc e, Block 28, <br />'~"J~Ls on motion I?iZl~sn, be granted, seoonded BeScott, and carriede