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Applicstion in form by John Nickels, for building pemft to <br />erect a real estate office on Bonq View &rea trace to cost <br />about $lOO*OO vas on matien Willson, be granted, seconded Reimam and carriede <br />- <br />A letter from Hennepfn County Fair Eoard, asking for a subscription <br />50 buildirg fund of 4H Club, m8 read and placed on file. <br />Recorder pesented a communication from Chas Ce Svanson,. City <br />Clerk, EPBinneapolis, giving copy of resolution council of the <br />' City of E5nneapoli.s on PeSruary 2'7, 1931, acceptirg the offer of the Council of the Village of Edina,, to settle Unneapolis Fire Department bills Mo* 1273, dated January 7, 1925, $540.00, zoo <br />1619, dated January 13, 1927, $102.50, Eoo E789 , dated January <br />31, 1928, $j18'9;50 and Noo 1790, dated January 31, 1928, $822e59 <br />tofal $1,652*50, for the sum of $250.00 in full aot%laent of <br />said 'billso . After discussion it was moved Reimann that full settlmen% be made and .that check be dram for $2BO40CI in favor of CiW of ELnneapolis, seconded Prescott, and carriede <br />Recorder presentea the matter of the VIll8ge of Edina, posting <br />Vrith the City of Einneapolis, a Surety company bond for $1,0000 - to cover any expense t?fiich mi&t be incured by the Fire Dep%* - of the City 06 Einneapolis, in fighting fires in Edina, and <br />* suggested that the General Inspection Bureau, be requested to - m&e a aurvqy of that part of Edina boarderirg on Einneapoli& <br />e and vhere ci.p;V water is available and rrhich vould first, e~itab- <br />bish the diotrict where fire protection can be given and second, - the rates t7hieh mould apply .in the prtected districte After <br />discussfsrr it was agreedbls $0 the Council that the Becsrder- mite General Inspection Bureau for such infomation as to rates <br />I and territory in Edina vl~ere fire protecti'on could be provided* <br />After discussion Qy the Ceuncf3. on the matter of providing fire <br />. protection for Rural Edina and the IXirror. L&e District, it was moved Rehann, that Trustees Erescott and Vi13son be named .a <br />7 committee to confer with the Village of Hopkin8 Count%%, and ascertain vbat protection might be arranged ferand vhat rates <br />= for fire department service would apply, seconded Eooxme and. carried, <br />A communication was read from Zndependent School DiatricZI #I? vith refergnee paymen$ d3qpmiurn on bonds for school Janitors who have been appointed special policeman 'to guard school pm- <br />Attornqy , seconded Reimann, and carried, <br />8 perty only and was on motion Yti,llson, be referad to Viliag~ <br />Surety Company bond ly Standard Accident Company, in behalf <br />of IT'- 3'. Garvey as Justice of the Peace fox period 3ebrua.r~ 26, <br />193135 to Februayy 26, 1932, was off @red and on motion %y Reirnann <br />. be accepted, Beconded Willson, and casrled.. <br />Xinu'cee sf the regular meeting hefd on February 23, 1931, tmpe <br />read and on motion Reimann, be approved as read, seconciad by <br />Prescott and carriedo <br />After discussion by the Council an the matter of police co-cper- atlsn with neighboring villages, it ms moved PPetVcwtt that <br />Recorder be empowered to mite Councils of St Souis Park, <br />Hspkins and Eornhgsi&e, offesfng our assistance &rid co-aper- ation S5*'-paxticular with our radio equipped, polioe car in all <br />cases bordering on the respcctjve vilhges or within such ~%l- lages whenever possible, seconded ly Willson and carried, <br />Receipts by Recordter sPnce regular meeting hefd on Februangt 9, <br />1931 and turned over to Village Treasurer were as follomo <br />V.A.Eurglung Bdg permif. $2000 Svcn Yield, Bdg permit 20 00 Sohn Nfckele,, 13dgop em i t 2900 Total $6.00 <br />No further business to come before, the meetfng motim 4x9 <br />adjourn carsied'at 11,50 2& <br />Village Recordero