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I <br />A petition tlfas reeeiTred signed by 57 voters of the Village of \ 96 %dins, protesting against any stores being allowed in %he Civic Center area as outlined in proposed Zoning Ordinance, which on motion Prescott, be accepted for consideration, seconded Reimsnn ' and carried* <br />Trustee T@i.llijon presented the matter- of a barn being built along Vest 70th Street, on Lot 1 Section 9 1l:aqy Glsason property, in which. no build-ing permit had.. been issured, After discussion. it vms moved Reimann, that unless necessary pernit and. other restrict ions of Terflpsrcxg Zoning Qrdfnance were complied with a% once, <br />that rktter 'be refered to Village Attorney with instructions to <br />obtain a restraining order rr.0tiicar-i seconded Prescott and carried, <br />The miscellaneous Bills upon being found correct, were on motion PrescsL'C , be allowed and ordered. paid,, seconded Eeima,nn and cnrrio d <br />They are as follows <br />E .ttleā‚¬Iarric , Gas & Qif for trac-bor and <br />Police car $70 Lt 42 <br />Edina Grocery Groceries for poar 56095 <br />J~D.Adaria Coapany Road PLOW & part8 63082 <br />1330s Fyan Road gravel 4025 <br />Xfnneapolis G eEBC~e April street lighting 433082 <br />TsFfl Hasec Road gravel 17 e 00 <br />To oddale Grocery Gas Tor tractor 4,58 <br />ELY? Bell Telephone Cs llarshallt s telephone 4*88 <br />Ee T *Abbe t.L; Fees for recording dseda 30 00 <br />& Smith Ins. premium bdgso & machinery 280 54 <br />2: Smith Ins. premium officerts bond 3.00 <br />Eelmepin County Revietlt Published notices VendelZs, 3nc SpIe Officer's badge (Push) 3.50 <br />Country Clu?~ Garrage Oil ,repaire ,stcorwge police car 3.4% 35 BdSLna Hardwar e SupplieEI 20 75 <br />%'d.ina Garage Chaise for tar heater . 37860 <br />HeDeWugger CO Addo premiun ?Jorkmanfs Corn poLo 6Q047 <br />Blackburn ,Bickefs <br />Elackbuxn ,KickeLs <br />5 .E*Hennessy Ca Sewer pipe 15e 08 <br />9*00 <br />63.72 <br />3,1085 <br />39 00 <br />Total TLiscS. 8 891e73 <br />HeVoJohna6n Culvert CO ROE^^ culvert (24") I7 0 F .GE?%VGJT Ro ad. 8 uppl i 8s <br />C A 0 Li izd qui 9 t B1 acksmi thf ng <br />The Village and Road Bills upon being found. eor~ect were on motion :Yillson, be allowed and ordered paid, seconded Prescott and carried <br />They are as follows <br />I <br />Street C omriiis s i oner Apr-Xay $1 25 0 00 Ut iliSy man AFr-Xay 125 e 00 <br />Labor with tern 3513, e40 <br />Road labor 79 * 20 Tractor operator 122.50 <br />Road labor 79020 <br />Road- labor 25 0 20 <br />Road labor 58 * 50 Road labor 33030 <br />Village 9,tarsEzall. Apr-1k.y 135e00 <br />135.00 <br />3% es i den% 35000 <br />25 * 00 <br />Trtns te e 25e00 Trustee 25800 <br />Trustee 25aOO <br />Park labor 640 50 <br />Village Marshall <br />Treasurer Recorder 75.00 <br />Total Village 8; Road #I ,340 080 <br />Continued page $97,