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J 1-1 4 Application in form by Charles R. and Elvira B, Vinson for building permit to build a single garage located on br26, Brookside Terzace. Moved Prescott be granted, seaonded Willson, carried, <br />It was agreed after discuasion on the best means of handling re1&8f <br />work that the resident Trustees report such needy cases as may come to their attention to the .County Welfare Boa&, 436 Court House Building for their investigation and report , Recorder to advise the Pelflare Associat io= of this arrangerrent, <br />-I <br />No further business came before this meeting. seconded&carried at 10.30 I?, M, <br />Motion tb7 adjourn- <br />Village. Recorder <br />.. <br />.+ .