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would be detrimgntal to the best interests of the comrmnity. As President of the School Bawd of District #l?, Mr. Phillips stated it war3 the general experience of school authorities that movie theatres frequently offered a worse condition as "hang outsn. <br />Miss Reed, School Trustee, stated that as a principal in one Of the Ninneapolis Grade Schools, that movies were objectionable when close to schools. <br />Mr. J. Slinzerman presented a petition in protest with 87 sipers of residents of School District #17 living mostly in Morninzside. <br />Mr. Slingerman reviewed the reasons why a license granted by the -Morninsside Villsge Council for a- move the6tre had been recently revoked, expressed the opinion that a movie thgatrs-would be detri- mental to the best interests of the School District. On behslf of the Morningside group of Parent Teachers Association,* Mr. Slinger- <br />Mi. V.. H. Adams appeared in protest stating a mode was not needed and would he part iculmly object ionable to many residents of his neighborhood and that they could not be regulated. <br />Mr, D,SWallance protested against a movk stating those at Lake Street were plenty dlose enouqh and that a movie at Kest 50th Street and France Avenue would be detrimental to his neighborhood and the comrmnity at large and thst he hctod moved to Edina to get his <br />3 <br />\ <br />t land also entered protest. . <br />I <br />WI <br />.I <br />. <br />b children away from downtown influences. .. <br />i .- <br />,Mr, Levelette stated he vas connected with move theatres ad saw <br />Mr.t Sodergren spoke .in favor ofthe proposition and that in his Opkion 'a mov'e woUd enhance the nlue of his vacant property. <br />.Mr. I&le spoke several times in favor of the proposition and assured <br />po$sible. -of France Avenue near West 50th Street. <br />Mr, Hellier spoke in protest and that in his opinion there was no necessity for ij, movie theatre as proposed at this time, <br />Mr. Mzzstue stated he opposed a movie 8s being a bad influence, <br />. Mr. Chance stated he did not knox whether he opposed the movie theatre or not, thought it amlgEit-bBI:advisaUe to consider the matter <br />. 1 no objection to them. <br />1. the Council he would do all in hi.s power to operate.:the best theatre . Re also advised the proposed location WBB on the west side I <br />- .of carfare one has to pay to ride all the way dowhtown. <br />Mr. .Dale advised that the buildin3 they proposed to build would cost approximately #50,000.00 and the equipment $15,000.00. <br />Mr*- Phillips stated his belief the movie proposit ion should be considered from the standpoint of our Ohildren and stated School <br />Eosrds feared any form of amusement, gathering groups of children without regifiation as it resulted in frequent course of downfall. <br />Recorder Moore read into the record results of meeting held on January 5th for purpose of determining view point of residents of <br />Edina, stating MT. Derrick had appeared beā‚¬ore the committee of the Council and opposed the proposed movie theatre an grounds small outlyins theatre would not be able to offer the better films and that nearby theatres offered temptation to children. Rosers, Scount Master of Troop#ll$, had also opposed the proposed <br />theatre as offering constant temptation to young people and that he"ha3 moved out of Minneapolis to get his boys away from dqntown influ'ences. <br />Trustee Willson expressed his opiizion that there was too much attempt being rrade to regulate most everything and wondered if an zpplicat ion for a movie theatre was made to be located in the Civic Center arear <br />across the street from the school, if it would be opposed so generally Sy the public. <br />That Mr. I