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i 202 <br />It was moved Yillson that check 'be dram in favor of T-sialer groce-ry in pqyrnent for groceries furnished the Skftzal family d.uring July, in mount $2'9*36, seconded Igoore and carried by affirmative vote of all members of the Council present. <br />Bill of Ale=.;. Greiglitoon as Assessor for the Village af &Iinz, for the 1.932 a,ssessnient vas presented. and discussed, where- upon it ws moved ~JoQTc)., that check 'be dram in fu.13. pwmene tsherefore in amount $645000, seconded f?illson and carried un- <br />znkj o u s ly <br />Bill of Earry HZLnsen, as deputy assessor for the ViIlwe of Wim, in tbe 1932 assessrient was also .presented and discussed, It <br />was moved. YJillsQn, that clzeck be draw. in full payaent in miom% <br />$2J.So75, seconded Noore and carried u.rlaniTriouslys <br />The next matter to receive the attention of the Council was that of %he encroachment of the Schsefer Road. upon the properby of <br />ROY VIe Zzrse~o It mas moved l,?oore, %hat survey -by J. Eo Hill, <br />and concured in ky Alexander and Bradley, Village Xhgfileers, <br />&owing a part. of the Schaefer rclad.may to BE upon the property of Foy V LQrsen 8,s it passes along the VesterEy side of that <br />part of 'ch R'-&,of S-E &# Section 30, Township 117, Range 21 <br />IJor th , and@%- at said roadway is no% upon the property covered <br />by d.eed Po road purpoaes;that it, be moved 'Test to its proper <br />location, motion seconded by ITi13.son and carried unaninoualy, <br />Application by Itiinneapo2is Suburban Cas Cornpaw for permission <br />to lay a 4" gas maiia in and along the &ET% side of Halifax Avenue <br />255 feet South of the of %he West 50'~h l3cree-b paxemenS;, wizs on motion \%.IlSQn be granted, seconded kfoore and. carried by affirr~r- aLive vote of ali members of the Councf%* <br />All, work hwiyl,s been done and Village 2hgines-r lzavi~~ approved all vork an"es&5mdtes under con'cract wi'& Phelps-Drdse Company Lateral Sewer Districts No. 3. and ?Jon 2, iL ma moved Moore that check be drawn on the Uidland Rational Bank, and Trust Ccmpzqy, Village Deposi'caxy , in amount $200.00 in final payment <br />u&dar said contract to said Phelps-Bake Coupany seconded 1Tillson and- carried unaminoualy. <br />Applicz,tion In fom for permit p Roy <br />17uild a privGte residence on N-& of S2Bi-i Section 30, To~~lr~kLip <br />Ll?, Range 21 north, as on motion PrescoLt be granted, seconded by !7i11s:on and carried unanimously, <br />TreaEurer Duggnn presented certificate from the First National <br />%& of Idinneapolis, as Trustee, holding as collateral. to secure <br />fuads of the Village of Blina on deposit with the &meet S'czte Ea&, $5,000.00 of the Sta,Le of &Iissou,r$, series %f, 4$, due Zn <br />1944, which 17as duly examined and placed in the mu3.t. <br />IEnutes of -the ,regv.lag inek5ing of the Courxil of the Vill&e . of Xdina, beZd on August 8, 1932, were read and on motion T!Iillson <br />be approved. as read., seconded Preacott and carried unanl~nously~ <br />Lw~~en, to <br />No further business to come before the Counuil motion to edjourn carried. at 21,45 PI% <br />Village RecorGer,