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i of a. surety hand in a place of safe keeping satisfactory to the Village CeumcF3. and thereupon the Village Treasurer <br />shaI6, cleposit all or any part of the Village moneys in such banktp <br />The motion Bas duly seconded by Trustee Reimam and carried. <br />A communication dated January 209 1933, by George I?. Strong, <br />was rea& regarding the matter of remueratian %OF Village Attorney <br />for 1933, this matter not having been acted upon at the January <br />g9 1933, meeting on account of the salary item, Itl[r Strang stated he would be willing to leave the matter of fees to the judqement'of the Village CauciP, or vnould consent to a salary <br />of- -p300,00 for €he year, vith the understanding that this sum was to pay for-the ordinary routine matters, any other matters <br />af major iqor%ance, such as a law suft against the Village, to be charged in addition, This matter having been brought abaut by the Cautzci3. and appoi;ntrrrent , <br />- <br />Strong not in any way soliciting the <br />I <br />Trustee ~ill.soaZ~ thereupon moved that hffr Gearge "J, Strong,,,.be <br />reappointed Village Attorney for the year 1933, at a salary of <br />$300.00 per year for all routine matters per his letter to the <br />CaUmcLl dated January 20, 1933, the msLian was seconded by Eoore and carried, <br />Recorder EOOPB, reported in the matter of reduction in rates for <br />a11 street lighting along the liaes as practiced in Einneapolis and that he had worked it out with the Einneapolis General Elect- ric Company with a resultant saving based upon the 1932 costs <br />of $607e50 or nearly 12 percent. The saving being based 0x1 <br />a total of 90.minutes of less burniag per day, of which 20 naintates <br />waould be in the evening and 70 minutes in the morning, action was agreeable to the Council and hflr Eoose advised the job was we11 done, <br />The <br />Trustee Reimamn, advised he had attended a meeting made up of representives of mwicipali%ies boarding MinneapoILs, held 011 January held for the purpose of formulating plans to obtain lower gas rates for Minneapolis subtarharm villages, After the report was concluded it vas moved Xoore, %hat Trustee Re-nn be named <br />as a Camittee of the Cauncil to investigate the Gas status in <br />Edina and to advise the Council of his findings, seconded by VilPson and carried, <br />Einutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Edina, held on January 9# 1953, were read and on motion Reimnn be approved as reads seconded by Willsrrn and carried <br />1933, at the office of Er Biterman, 1038 Andrus Bdg. <br />i;[o fucther business ta come before the meeting motion to adjourn carried at 11. PE. <br />Village Recorder.