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"i'ruatee ReimaJnn offered Fire Insurance policy #2740842 issued <br />by Dubraque Fire & lhrine Insurance Campany, by L.R.BLackburn, 3g!sg c~vering Village tool house, its contents and snaafeneing, renening <br />like policy expiring April 14, and moved its acceptance and apg*czval, <br />seconded. by Tlillsoa and carried, <br />Trustee ReimzWn Offered Conkinuation Certificate Band #9163, issued <br />by Central Sureey & Insurance Corp,, Krznsos City, ITCB~~ contiriuixig <br />said bond of E99ReBzss, Special Policeman, for term of one year and <br />ending April 13s f95as and moved the same be and is hereby approved, seconded Elmre and carriedo <br />Trustee Ebimz~a, offered 2aeltican $Wx?ty Caq?anyr8 band #6697309 on.~ep&f p8: ?,J.O,ybaro, as Special PoPioe Officer and moved ita approval and acceptance and payment of premium allowed <br />by Tiillson snd carriedo <br />seconded <br />Trustee Rehana, offered herican Surety Cmpany's bond #669708, on behalf of Ed Pork, as Special Police Officer and maved its <br />acceptanceo approval and pEbyment of premium allowed, seconded 'Q~J <br />VZllsan and carrieda <br />Applicatfon by ITorkhwestern Bell Telephone Compa~~y, to install <br />one pole in the alley beti7een 55th and 564;h Strse.P;s, and YorR <br />and Zenith Avenues, vas on motion Reimam be granted, sscozded <br />Villaon and carriede <br />The matter of Urs A. ltrtine, rrhaes board tke Einneapslis Comm- . <br />ity Fund had agreed to payj vas discussed and generally agreed <br />that it be refered to the Village Attorney for his recommendation, <br />The Village eC Road bills upon being found correct vere on maP;iQn <br />, fie allowed and ordered paid, They ar8 as folP0VS <br />D. Burnes Road labor - <br />'B. Evest It tt <br />E. Schacky lt 0 <br />E. uIJrigh.t, 11 1I <br />B. VJslvertoon It tt <br />F. Homadka 1) 11 <br />Rex Garvey in n <br />J. Stelzig 1k n <br />me s. Jay Street Comissioaser <br />S, 3, Roberts Utility man <br />P. Daklgren Tractor operator <br />L, StoLzman Raad labor <br />0 .v .Spande tr 11 <br />0. Ve Arxstips N 11 <br />J, Tracy Labor nith team <br />Roger Bosey Raad labor . <br />Vm Heydt it lk <br />30hn Moore 7t It <br />John Ee &und n R <br />He Binley n tt <br />J, Hilts w tt <br />R, Covell <br />John Eenaoa A. Kor'krell It It <br />Art Fetersm Labor with truck <br />R. T. Snisek I). I? <br />I?. A. Redpath Vilhge Earshall. <br />R. E. Iiilieske Village ?Earshall <br />D. 3'. UcGuire President (%y) <br />3. J. Duggan Treasurer <br />Ben B. Eoore Recorder %? <br />Gecr, A, Billson Trnstee W <br />C. F, Prescott Trustee 11 <br />J. E. Reimnm Trustee w <br />DS Lawell E, Campbe31 Health Officer (Xay) <br />n %# <br />lt If- <br />P, Dahlgren It It n 8 *go# <br />It *go# <br />Tatal Road & Village <br />$12,&0 <br />-6 ,OO <br />6eOO <br />b?,60 <br />12,ao <br />I?,diO <br />l4.40 <br />3e20 <br />96,OO <br />~00,OO <br />74 e00 <br />67020 <br />33,60 <br />28 e 80 <br />b47,20 <br />9 e60 <br />28 e80 2s,ao <br />28e80 <br />28 e 80 <br />l?&O <br />16,OO <br />35 e20 <br />30,40 <br />100,oo <br />, 38.70 <br />26.s-15 125,OO <br />125,OO <br />35.00 <br />25800 <br />5'5600 <br />25 0 00 <br />25aOO <br />25000 <br />25000 <br />$19 5x0 060