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I <br />I Application i;l farm far building permit by HmWmDesn, to ere& WIQ - . <br />11 feet x 21. feet steel 'tanka and one x 8? steel puinp house an6 locate sane OD property of" the 11. B. & S Ry as direc%ed bj the <br />Camcil Zn aeoord with VZllage Ordinance Xo. 7 as amended Ea,y 22* <br />1933, vas on motion JilLs;an be granted and approved, se'ooszded by <br />Reimam and carried, <br />Applicatian is form for buildbg pernit by E=ruise Weseerberg, to <br />ba5ld a private daeX1ing on Lot 2 Block 4, Codes Highviea Park, to he located 215 feet back from the fro& line of said lo%, ms on motion Jillsoa be granted on condition this lucatisn voetkd no% estab- <br />Pish a buildiDg line in said block, seconded Reimam and carried, <br />Application in fora by Gm W, Haward, ts build a frame private garage <br />wit'a garage doors on Lot 3, Block 4# Cades Highvfev Bark, x7as OB motion Q5l'Jlson, be granted, seconded Prescott and carried, <br />Application in farm by TOO L~~~IIIE~, to cornbina.trian private dvellixig and garage an lTsrth 125 acres of South 32 acres of IT%$ of Section <br />8, T116* R 21, set back a distance of 325 feet, vas on nation Billson <br />be granted, seconded Prescott and carriedo <br />K~plfca'cion By Eirineapalis Gm E, Company, to set 1 pole an Vest 65 St , <br />between Ryan and Sbrmoad Avenue, was on lnotierr Wilhoa be grasted, seconded Prescott and carried, <br />The Recorder was instructed to reply to the letter dated February <br />139 1933, by E5.r fTewhaX3. on behalf af the Cauu~t.2y Club District Ser- sice Co-aay, irs which the sewer system in the Cawtry Club Distriok <br />'17as tenawed both as to o,t~narnhip end &pmati;ian Go the Village Ccrunchl <br />of Edina, that on aecou12t of the sever and ttlater systems grriBg hand <br />in hand nith each otker, it was cansidered to be inadvisable to accept <br />one praperty i~iL.C;hout the other. <br />I The miscellaneous bills upon being found correcti, vere on notion <br />ReiniaEw he allioaed and ordered paid ,seccind,ed +by VilXshn.~and carried, <br />They -are as follow- <br />C<ty or" ~OaPOliS Fire Dept service 5402 Xerxers 32x0 a45 <br />SilpliansoHi Stmp Co I. Police badge 430 <br />Ye Em COO~~~P 64mers far parks 15,m <br />Edllza Cash Grocery . Groceries far poor 22039 <br />Wooddale GroceYy Graeesies for poor 13e98 <br />Toaddale Grocery Gas for tractor 3424 <br />Gfacier Sand Gs. Ccc Road sand &- gravel 11*05 liemepin Cswty Paor Farm service (to June) 92,oo <br />Ce A. LiIIdqUiSt Blackszzithing ?,?fa <br />Eae.l;aold ts Eardaare lkchine bolts 2,40 , <br />Pockrand% hbr Co Cemeulk 8 roofing paper (ISSS CF &,I?) BS,XI <br />-3* E, Ziegler co Tracktar Xubricatcir-grader blades 18-98 <br />XETler-Daois Ca Ea DtmpiEg signs 2,oo <br />Edirza Earduaro Co Hardwar e s uppli 8s G.93 <br />Caunkry Chub Garage Police car service h June starage 20,u J,E,Hen~essy Co 2os.C;~ EC planks far road wads 11-26 Lo Am XkCPeItlan Graiceries for poor 15057 - <br />Ehnea@.iu Gene Easpital 5 days Hospital care A. HaraouLca 16 e25 <br />Village 3% Louis Park Fire Dept service Deinan 55-l)rev 45,OO <br />Tirn E. Cooper 8 Sans Flowers fan. parks 29,U. <br />E, V. Harris I Gas &- oil for Palice car C% tractors 80254 <br />Docken's Corn. Sevre Grcnceries for poor 9e52 <br />Te B. Garvey Hardware & Road supplies 15,60 <br />Eliimeapolfs G. Em CO &ril SWeeQ lighting 382 g 72 <br />I Hemepin Caunty Review PUbm notiices & printing 36,70 <br />Dad& Zqort Seed Co Garden seeds for poor gardens 8,27 <br />Total UiscLa