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A. Jokulaor? <br />0, RL Spaurde, <br />R. E, EIiieske <br />P, A, Redpath <br />Art Peterson <br />0, N. Spande <br />J. E, Snavelsr <br />Ve Se Kesdt <br />I P . Dahlgren John Tracy <br />JO~ Tracy <br />E. Schnaelv <br />John Benson <br />L, Stolmaa <br />S. J, Roberts <br />Dr L, Ide Canpbell <br />J, E. Reimann <br />C. E', Prescott <br />George A. 3.llson <br />3erz.B. Boore <br />J, 6. Duggan De E', EScGxzire <br />8. S* JOY <br />koad labor <br />Special Police Officer <br />Spacial Police Officer <br />Village Earshalf, Village Earshall <br />Labor with truck (garbage coll) <br />Park labor <br />Park labor <br />Tractor aperator <br />Raad labar <br />Labor n7iLh team <br />Raad labor <br />labor repairing s id evitafks <br />Raad labor <br />UtiLity man <br />Street Commissioner Village Health Officer Trus t ee <br />Trustee <br />Trustee <br />Recorder Treasurer <br />312*80 <br />45,OO <br />45,OO <br />125,oo <br />195,oo <br />18,75 <br />74 8 80 <br />46,OO <br />17,60 <br />12,oo <br />35 e 20 <br />76 80 <br />100,oo <br />96,OO <br />25,OO <br />125000 <br />115 E 20 <br />25eOO <br />25eOO <br />25 00 <br />75 00 <br />25,OO <br />Presiden% 35,OO <br />Total Road & Village . $1 p 375 0 15 <br />Total September expenditure $2,440*42, <br />The matter of rate of pay for special police officers Zeydt and Spade WZS discussed at length by the Coulacil, after vhieh it vas <br />moved Reimnn, their rate of pay 'be !.;90,00 per month, each to have <br />one Eight off each two aeeks, motion seconded by Willson and carsieb, <br />App1icaticP.n in form for building permit by Thea. Edstram to build a <br />private garage vith gzrage doors on Lo$ 38, Black 17, Tingdalets 2nd. Addition, vas on motion 17ilfsoa be granted, seconded Prescott <br />and carried, Permit to be issured vithout charge on acct low costr <br />Application in form by 5s. A, on 5.10 acre tract, Section 339 T-l3I7-Rorth Range 21'Siest, Lot 4, <br />vas on motfsn Billson be gran.t;ed, seconded Reimann and carried* <br />Lo build a frame garage and barn <br />Application in form for building permit by R. L, Bardwell-, to build <br />a private dwelling on Lot 13; Block 7, CCD Fairway, 4624 Drexel ke,, was on motion Reimam, be grznted, seconded by Presctott and carrieda <br />Application in form for building permit by Paul L. Covrell, Lo build <br />a private dnelliq on Lot 26, Block-4, CCD Pairway, 4513 Casco Ave., was on motion Reimann, be granted, seconded Prescott and carriedo <br />Application in form BOT building permit by Paul DmnaFaa, %a build <br />a 12' x 22' addition to present private garage, at 4908 Stannyside Rdsp <br />was oarrrcrtisnReirrram, be granted, seconded Prescatt gad carriede <br />Application in form for buildir,g permit by R. A, Harvey, to build a <br />prr-rate dwelling on of SQ of lW@ of Section 29, T117, Range 21, <br />beipzg on Pn-berlacken Raad East of Interlacken Club, mi~s on motion Zrescott, be granted, seconded Reimann and carried, <br />Lt W~S moaed by PreESCot%, that the Recorder purchase i?, double steel <br />locker, for police in which to store arm, munition and other supplies for Police Dept, seconded by Reillrann and carrieds <br />ft "vas moved Reimam, that check and warrank be dravn for -36625, in favur &rs C, A. HenphiII,, ia payment of rent for Ers Lub, living in <br />Converse Add., Ebpkins, still a. legal resident of Edina, seconded by <br />Presco$t and carriedr <br />&lo%ion to adjourn carried at 11,OO l?X <br />Village Recorder \*