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J J <br />Eirrutes of the regular meeting of the Council of the Village af <br />Edina, held on September 25, 1933, were read. On modtion Presco-bt <br />they be approved as read, seconded YJillscEn and carried, <br />It was moved by Xecorder Xoore, that this meeting adjourn subzect <br />to call by the President at any time previaus to the regular meet- <br />ing om October 23rd. motion seconded by Trustee Tillson and carried. <br />It being understood that in the event no call was made by the Pres- <br />ident during the flakerimthat the regular meet- on October 25rd. <br />would be held as usudl. <br />Village Recorder, <br />Receipts by EZecarder <br />November 13p 1933, <br />by. H. Gilkey J af P -50 <br />It 6.75 Bawler 82 Uhrtin tl <br />LeVa'retz Bras Plumbing permit 5.75 <br />Building permit 1.00 <br />14aQ6 <br />I