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24 <br />The third project was that of J. H. Bechtold mho appeared with <br />his architects, Larson and KcLaren, nho proposed to build on ( France Avenue north of the Edina Garage building on tract of . <br />land 87 x 135 feet, seating capacity of approximRtely 1000, <br />with community room for the free me of the chmmfmity, size <br />22 x 33 feet, complete project costing approximately $65000.00. <br />The fourth project to be outlined mas that of B. Friedman as <br />manager of the Edina Theatre Corporation and Br. Abeles, , <br />attDrney for the Norris Creamery Corporation, who advised they <br />proposed to build on the 90 x 165 foot part of lot 45, County <br />Auditors Sub 172 and in the rear of which ample parking space mould be provided so that no parking on West 50th Street mould, be necessary. <br />The gentlemen stated the three old buildings now located on lot 45 would be torn down and if granted a permit work of demolishing vould start immediately, 'Ehe plan presented having <br />approximateky 1000 seats on the first floor nithout any balcony, <br />cost complete approximately $60000.00. <br />condiSioning and cooling, and full stage equipment, Pdr. Friedman <br />stated he proposed 100% community co-operation, that the prices <br />charged would be no higher than those of the Boulevard Theatre <br />on Lyndale Avenue, and that there vould be three and four <br />changes in shovs per meek, shoving only first class pictures; <br />also'that the project nas fully financed and thati his principles <br />mere the present owners of the land on mhich the proposed <br />t4jeatre vould be built. In reply to inquiries by several <br />members of the Council, Ebr. Freidman stated the acoustics mould <br />be those recommended by an acoustical engineer and that the <br />plans mould have the approval of the building department of the City of Xinneapolis and of the State Fire Marshall before presentation to the Council. <br />Af this point the Oouncil advised all present that a recess mould be tzken after vhich the Council and Village Attorney Mr. Strong would re-convene in executive session, <br />Upon being re-called to order by the President, the proposition <br />proposed by Eiessrs. Parks and Kiefer was first considered. <br />After discussion of the merits of the proposition it vas moved Bloore that permit be granted to Hessrs. Parks and Kiefer, <br />representing Hr. Grandstrom. The motion seconded by Blackburn. <br />The vote being taken, found no ayes and five nays and so declared <br />lost. <br />. <br />In addition 'to air <br />I <br />The proposf$ion suggested on behald of Nr. Bechtold was next considered by the Council, after mhich it mas moved Prescott <br />that permit be issued bir. Bechtold. Motion seconded by TTillson. <br />The vote being taken, found no zyes and five nays, and so de- <br />clared lost. <br />After discussion.; on the proposition submitted by Hr. Friedman, it was moved Blackburn that the Village Recorder be authorized to issue permit to demolish the three old buildings located on lot 45, auditors sub 172, to whomever the owner may be and to <br />excavate for a new building.. Illotion seconded by Prescott. The <br />vote being taken, found five ayes and no nays and so duly carried. <br />After discussion on the issuance of a building permit as re- <br />. quested by Pr. Friedman it was moved Blackburn that the Village Recorder be authorized and directed to issue necessary building <br />permit to Edina Theatre Corporation or owner of said premises <br />for erection of a thea.tre building to be located upon the 90 foot <br />strip of land fronting on Vest 50th Street, on lob 45, Auditors <br />Sub 172, upon approval of plans and specifications by the Village Council and conditioned upon all plans, features, conditions, <br />and general arrangements as presented to the Council by Mr. <br />Friedman and Elr. Abeles, as their propositions, be made a part of the general scope of the project, with the mork of nreckfng <br />the old buildings to skart at once, plans to be readymf Council <br />approval vithin 30 days, actual construction to be on within <br />60 days from date and the depositing with the Village Recorder of a certified check payable to the Village of Edina in amount '