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43 <br />Gentlemen: <br />hly attention has been directebl, througa newspaper comment and otherwise, to the situation <br />which has unfortunately arisen in the Tnrrteench <br />sard, over %he queszion of moving picture tneatre licenses. 1% appears %hat parties anaffiliated $.. <br />witn any of the inQerests at the present time operating motion picture theatres in Minneapolis have found a way to outwit the opposition of the residents of the Thirteenth Ward, and have ad- ' roitly maneuvered with your Council and officials <br />to secure a license for the operatfon of a theatre- within a stone's throw of the dividing line De- tween your district and the City of Minnea2olis. <br />- <br />If it were the intention of the prorzloters of the Edina theatre to serve exclusively the res- idents of that district, no objection could be offered, as such license would be well within the rights and privileges of your ConnCil; but as it . <br />is the intention of the promoters, througa your ' licensing, to force a theatre on the residents of the Thirteenth Ward, ignoring entirely tneir de- sire or feeling in the matter, I question ser- iously the ethics ana propriety of such action. <br />I hold no brief at this time for or against the motion picture as an institution, <br />but I do definitely hold a brief for the. residents <br />of the Thirteenth Bard, aisubs3antial majority of <br />whom are apparently unreceptive DD the grantfng of more theatre licenses in that district. The <br />Minnesota Amusement Coapany has a site at 43rd and Upton, purchased some years ago, upon which a con- siderable amount has been paid in tax, 0s over a term of years. This company has anticipated development of its site for theatre use when the sentiment of the people in the Thirteenth Ward and <br />the Upton Avenue district would warrant such con- sideration. <br />I am advised also that Xr. W. R. Frank and associates, who operate a group of theatres <br />in Ninneapolis, including the Boulevard, are applying for a license at 50th and Ewing. Both of these iq8erests are predicating their app- lications for license upon the fact that your <br />Board has granted a license in the Edina district. Both concerns mentioned contribute substantially to the payment of taxes in the City of Ninneapolis, and are entitled to consideration as relates to <br />the threatened invai3ion of their business. <br />The City of Minneapolis has evidenced an unusual. degree of neighborliness toward the <br />Edina dis&Pict, and has assisted materially in aaking it possible for your village to meet its sewage problems, and, at a time when the water supply of our city is conceded to be inadequate, <br />has or proposes to extend, unusual consideration to your Village in thar; connection. <br />If does appear, therefore, inconsistent on the part of the officials of Edina that, mith- out consulting the wishes of the Aldermen of the <br />Thirteenth Ward or the officials of the City of Minneapolis, they took the action that recently transpired. The citizenry of the Thirteenth <br />Ward - at least a substantial majority of them, <br />as I understand it, and especially the ministry - are up in arms over your action. I sympathize