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R, J. Johnson <br />. S. J. Robertp Peter Dahlgr en Louis Stolzman John Tracy <br />F. Bradley <br />S. Sletten <br />A. Hepdricks <br />C. Whiting <br />J. H. Snavely <br />0. M. Spande P. A. Redpath <br />T. E. Tilly <br />W. S. Hepdt P.; -IF. McGuire <br />J. J. Duggan Ben B. Noore Geo. A. Willson <br />C. F. Prescott L. R. Blackburn Dr. L. M. Campbell John Tracy Geo. ShUlson Elmer Walker <br />H. Neuts Albert Young <br />Carl Marth John H. EcNellis <br />Chas. Ernponger <br />Art Peterson -a <br />%/ <br />Street Ooxnrnissi oner <br />Utility man <br />Tractor Ope rat or Labor <br />Labor <br />Labor with truck Labor <br />Labor Labor with team Labor Labor Village Marsha.11 Police Officer <br />Police Officer President <br />Treasurer <br />Recorder <br />Trustee Trustee Trustee Village Health Ofilicer Labor with team <br />Labor with truck Labor <br />Labor Labor Labor with 'truck Labor Labor. <br />Labor with truck <br />110.00 100.00 <br />132.00 100.80 82.80 62.40 <br />7.20 <br />22.50 <br />30.60 27.90 <br />7.20 <br />125.00 <br />125.00 110 . 00 <br />35.00 25.00 <br />75.00 <br />25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 47.60 <br />72.80 <br />7.20 <br />10.80 8.85 <br />10.40 <br />. 5.50 <br />4.00 <br />130.00 <br />Total Road 8c Village Bills $1575.55 <br />. The Miscellaneous Bills, upon being duly examined and found correct were on motion Prescott be allowd and ordered paid. <br />Seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />Strong,,Meyers 8c CovelLegal SerPPces 354.25 <br />-ar <br />'- I_. w <br />a rn <br />I A. C. Price <br />They are as follows: <br />D, F. McGuire <br />J. J. Duggan Nellie Straite <br />'Emily B. Saohs Ethel R. McReady George A. Mabou Mr. Buresh <br />. Geo. A. Willson Victor Tregus J. 1. Newburn <br />Mrs. Earle Foster <br />Agnes Swenson <br />Chris Larson Alva Duos <br />0. R. Blackburn <br />Nickels & Smith Go. <br />W. F. Gazvey <br />Thorpe Bros. Inc. <br />Hennepin County Rev. Edina Hardware Miller Davis Co J. E. Henessy 00. E. W. Harris <br />Barrett Company Lyle Signs, Inc. <br />3. W. Hulme 001 <br />J. D. Adams 001 Peerl-ess Elec. Go. <br />ERA <br />0. A. Lindquist Xinnesota Tree Serv. <br />Rent, A. Hendricks 20.00. Clerk Election 15.90 Judge 14 15.90 15.90 Judge It <br />Clerk II 15.90 <br />15.90 Clerk I1 <br />11.50 Clerk I <br />Clerk It 11.50 Judge 11 15.90 Judge it I 15.90 Judge I1 15.90 <br />15.90 Clerk ti <br />Clerk It 15.90 <br />Clerk . 11 12.50 Clerk It 11.50 Election booths and spec <br />Renearal Columbia Policy #88357 5.00 <br />Hardware & road supplies 20.30 Rent Tract Office 87.50 Applications for Bldg permits 7.00 Hardware 3.55 Election supplies 3.85 <br />1 gal curb paint 2.55 Gas & oil for police car, <br />tractors and truck 105 . 41 <br />100 gal KP Tarvi'a, 18.50 <br />1 "Mo Parking" sign 2.30 <br />Tarpaulin for tractor 10.00 <br />2 blades for grader 7.00 <br />24 flash-light batteries 1.66 f <br />officer, election 8.00 r\ <br />Village porgion overhead expense14.00 Blacksmi thing 17.83 <br />Trimming Brees 50.00