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66 <br />Bids also shall state the amount of allovance to be <br />made for one (I) Xodel IiAi1 1928 Ford Truck cab and chassis, at present the property of said Village. <br />All bi'ds should be accompanied by a certified check or legal currence in amount of at least 5% of the <br />entire amount bidded. <br />to accept any or reject all bids. <br />5 <br />I <br />The Council reserves the right <br />Notion seconded by Moore and carried. <br />At the suggestion of the Recorder, judges and clerks mere <br />named for the Village Election to be held on December 4, <br />1934. <br />Application in form for building permit by 0. M. Hanson to build a private dmelling at 4604 Edina Blvd. mas on <br />, motion Blackburn be granted. Seconded by Prescott and c arr i ed . <br />Application in form for building permit by A Duoos to <br />build 2 private dwelling at 4605 Casco Avenue mas on mo- tion Blackburn be granted. Seconded by Prescott and carried. <br />A letter from the Rural Hennepin Oomty ERA by Mr. T. A. Turnham, County Administrator, under date of November 22, <br />asking that we suggest and recommend a suitable person <br />to be appointed ERA Foreman and also ERA Timekeeper, <br />whereupon it mas moved Villson that Ralph J. Johnson suggested for such appointment as Foreman and H. J. <br />Xnut son be li kevi se recommended for Timekeeper , the Rec- order to advise Nr. Turnham. Motion seconded by Moore <br />and carried, <br />It vas moved Villson that advances be alloyed gillage and <br />Road Crev and Narshalls. Hotion seconded by Prescott and <br />carried. <br />Minutes of the regular meeting of the Council held on <br />November 12 vere read, on motion flillson they be approved as read. Seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />The routine business of the Council having been completed, <br />the balance of the meeting was set aside for the annual <br />audit and examination of the Financial Statement by Treasurer and Recorder for period November 15, 1933 to November 15, 1934. All Redords and books of the Recorder <br />and Treasurer veSe on display and were smudied and noted <br />and the sum of $1030.70 mas found to be the amouht collec- ted by the Recorder and turned over to Village Qreasurer in the above period. The amount received from County Treasurer during the same period by the Villege Treasurer . was $32166.18, Cash balance Hovember 15, 1933 vas $8288.41 <br />making total receipts by Treasurer from all sources <br />$41485.29. <br />leaving caeh on hand on deposit rrith Hidland National Bank <br />a.nd Trust Company, Minneapolis , of $2202.10. There being no outstanding Village Rarrants or general Village obliga- <br />tions and current bills paid to November 12, 1934. <br />Disbursements for the same period vas $659283.19, <br />It vas thereupon moved by Trustee Prescott that the books and record4 of Village Treasurer Duggan and VillagE Rec- <br />order Noore having been duly audited, examined and verified and found to be correct for the period November 15, 1938 to November 15, 1934, that the sane be accepted, certified <br />and signed and ordered published in the Hennepin County <br />Reviev, official nemspa.per of the Village of Edina in tne