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The Road and Village Biihls, upon being duly examined and <br />found correct were on motion Prescott be allowed and <br />ordered psid. Seconded by Blackburn and carried. They are as follows: <br />D. F. McGuire John H. Duggan <br />Ben B. Lloore <br />Geo. A. Tiillson <br />0. F. Prescott <br />L. R, Blackburn <br />Dr. L. U. Campbell Ralph J1. Johnson <br />S. J. Roberts <br />Peter Dahlgren Louis Stolzman <br />John Tracy <br />John Tracy <br />Dennis UcCauley <br />F 1 oyd B lokeb or ough <br />f Im e r Walk e r <br />George Jutting <br />Albert Hendrickg <br />Olaf Olson <br />Carl Hillstrom N. H. Sundquist <br />Arthur Peterson <br />P. A. Redpath T. E. Tilly V. S. Heydt <br />Pre si dent Treasurer Recorder <br />Trustee Prus t ee <br />Trustee <br />Health Officer <br />S t re et C ormi s si one r <br />Utility man <br />Tractor operator Labor <br />Labor with team <br />La-b o r <br />Labor La-bo r <br />Labor <br />Lab0 r <br />Labor Labor <br />Labor <br />Labor <br />' Labor with truck <br />Pillage Marshall Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />Total Road &c Village Bills <br />Petition vas received signed by a.n-oroximPtely <br />@35.00 <br />25.00 <br />75.00 <br />25.00 <br />25.00 <br />25.00 <br />25.00 <br />36.50 <br />100.00 <br />85.25 <br />68.85 <br />47.60 <br />48.60 <br />31.85 <br />7.20 <br />11225 <br />3.60 <br />12.60 <br />7.20 <br />3.60 <br />B.00 <br />130.00 <br />125.00 <br />125.00 <br />100.00 <br />$1188.10 <br />179 signers requesting that no more 3off-sali3t1- intoxioa.ting liquor <br />license be' granted. accepted and placed on file. <br />carried. <br />On motion Moore that petition be <br />Seconded by Blackburn and <br />Trustee VJillson reported for the committee appointed at <br />the last meeting of the Council to invisstigate the <br />application of Erick Bjorkman for a hard liquor license and moved that the application by Nr. Bjorkman be refused. <br />Motion seconded by Trustee Prescott and carried.without <br />dissenting vote. <br />It mas moved by Trustee Prescott that the plans for land- <br />sczping the Village owned Triangle bounded by the Belt Line Highway, Eden Prairie Road and, Hopkins Road, prepared by Mr. Nichols on behalf of the Sta.te Highway be a,ccepted and <br />approved that the work be Ordered carried out as designated. <br />Motion seconded by Willson and carried.without dissenting <br />vote. <br />Ha.rry Snenson appeared before the Council and made formal <br />application for position td make the proposed fire survey <br />throughout the Village. <br />The minu%es of the regular meeting of the Council held on <br />March 25, 1935 mere read on motion Yillson they be approved <br />8s read. Seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />The matter of general work and improvements being carried on throughout the Village mas discussed by the Council. <br />The Recorder mas instructed to advise Uinnehaha Grange of the large amount of work being done by the Villa-ge in the <br />improvement and beautification of the site odcupied by the <br />Grange Ball, and that in accordance with the "Gentlements Agreement" between the Executive Committe of the Grange <br />and the Village Council that it would be appreciated by the <br />Council, in order that a balanced program be carried out, <br />that the Grange proceed with the painting of the outside <br />malls of the Grange Hall, the installation of green shutters <br />on all Faindoms, the building of 8. new entrance, and the completion of the basement walls be completed nith at pn