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and after its publication, <br />Passed the Council this 23rd day of &larch, 1936, <br />Motion seconded by Koore and carried, <br />After discussion on the matter of a license to regulate mechanical amusement &vices, Trustee Willson offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />The Village Council of the Village of Edina do <br />ordain as follows; <br />Section 1, Definition: A mechanical amusement device is hereby defined as a machine, which,. <br />upon the insertion of a coin or slug, operates or may be operated for use as a game, contest or amusement of' any desckiption, or which my used for any such game, contest or amusement and which contains no automatic pay-off device for <br />the return of money, coins, checks, tokens pr merchandise, or which provides for no such pay- <br />off by any other means or manner, except that <br />this provision shall not prohibit the licensing of a machine which returns slugs which may be I) used only in the machine licensed, and which in itself does not constitute a gambling devtce, <br />Section 2. maintain, keep or sell within the Village of Edina a aechanical amusement device, as herein- before defined, without first obtaining a license therefor from the Village Council, but no such license shall be issued for any machine or device which is a gambling device, <br />Section 3, of Edfna is hereby authorized to issue a license when authorized by the Village Council for the operation of such mechanical amusement device to any person of good moral character upon the pay-, <br />ment of an annual license fee of Fifty ($50.00) Dollar& for each device, payable annually in aa- Tame on April 1st of each year. <br />(a) Every amusement device so licensed shall contain suitable iaentification marks and num- bers, which identif %cation marks ana numbers shall be mitten by the Village Recorder upon the license issued for such amusement device, and such license shall be posted in view of the machine so licensed <br />No persons,firm or corporation shall <br />The Village Recorder of the Village <br />(b) Any amusement device s.0 licensed may be transferred from one place to. another in the Village 02 Edina upon the issuance of a permit so to do by the Village Council, Before such permit shall be issued, the persons, firm or <br />corporation desiring to transfer such machine <br />shall. file with the Village Recorder an appli- cation so to do, giving the name and address of the place from which and to which the machine is to be transferred, <br />Section 4, No person shall permith such mechan- ical amusement device to be operated by any minor under the age of lamars, except when such minor shall %hen and there be accompanied by his or her parent or guardian, <br />1: . <br />Section 5, No person, 22rm or corporation, by <br />himself or another, or otherwise, shall give any prize, award, merchandise, @Ct.or anything of