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** P. A. Redpath Villa& 1Ba;rshall $140.00 0. T. E* Tilly Police Officer 140.00 <br />Is?* Ss Heydt Police Officer 120 00 V. Us SrnitB Road labor- (7eed imp) 10.80 Vern Pfaff Road Labor ' 16.65 Ronald Port Road labor 3s 60 TQ~G,~. Road & Village $1,603.09 <br />* Ur R. R, Reichert, agpeared'kefore the Council and presented application for building permit to build a privah dsvelling on Lot 11, Block 12, Browndale Avenue, after examination of <br />plana and the location of Bouse on lot, ie vas rnoved Blackburn and seconded by Villssn, that application 'be granted which <br />carried, <br />I <br />TruaLes Wi,llssn presented applicstiona for building gemrrits L <br />EEI follows for private dwellings <br />31~s A, Re Stemon LQ~ 1. & 2, Block 2 So Har. Park <br />Wdia Oa*i;rander Lot 9, Block 1, suller St Add <br />0, 13. Ostrem :Lot 29, Block 1, Normrndale 2nd <br />E. 11. Sernb Lot 18, Block 4, Fairfax . John I?. Vet"t;l LQ% 15, Block 3, Pairfax V. .J. Slme Lot 4, Block 4, So.,Har. Perk . TIq E. CZark,(Gxragei Lot 17, Block 4, Gr. View Hgthe <br />arid moved that applica%iens be granted, ~lec onded 73;r Blaclc'ourn and wried <br />be Eranted him to build a 12 x 26' addition to present si3 station building, located on the North aide 6f %he intersection of Eroolcsids Avenue and Interlacken Ror?d, on cormunity store zoned plat of land, BlacZ;bu.m, that application be granted, seconded by Wi11son <br />and carried, <br />Albert Young LO% 37, Block %4, l?'aii*P&x <br />?."/. Harris, appeared and requested tha$ building .@erml"t <br />Upon examinat%on of plans, . it WEW moved <br />Truetee Blackburn presented applications for buildin@; permits <br />as follows <br />H. G. Steven&, 4,806 Sunnyside Road., (141-95 feet) <br />Chester 3. Thomson Lot 4, Block 1, Yairway, acccmpanied <br />'by the !f25.0Q Clean-up depooi8 Hanrjen, Lot 19 Elock 12, Brown .section, without' <br />Blenn-up ddposit and moved that applications be granted, seconded by Blackburn and carried. <br />scconpenied by the $25.00 Clean-up deposit I <br />1% M~B moved by Blackburn, that Clean-up deposit be returned to Chester Be Thswon, from 4202 Sunnyside Road, secondccl by Vlllsan and cmriedr <br />In the matter of substituting secwitfes for co3.lateral by the Xfidland ITational Ea& & Trust Comgany %o fiecure Village <br />Resolution and moved its adoption, . Funda on depoe it, Trustee Blackburn offered the falZoiving <br />VE€&M8, the "idland ITatjonaE Bank & Trust Company of EinneapoXlis, Idinnesota, have <br />pledged to the Villgge of Mina, Hennepin County, Xinnefiota, ~p9,QOO.OO of U.S. Treasu.ry notes Series D-1936, 3&$ due September 15, 1936, to secure funds of said Village on deposit with said bark <br />AND mmm, the above mentioned notes nature <br />on September 15, 1936,. <br />THl3RmORE BE IT BBOLVBD, that the IIidland <br />National B,nk and Trust Cwriipai-iy, of Xinneapolis, <br />l.linnesota, be and are hereby yernitted to pled-ge <br />,