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Ninutss of the regular meeting of the Counc fl of the Village of Xdina, held on May 10, 1937, in Grad& Hall a2r 8 pdll, <br />9 <br />The hour of 8 o'clock FBa: having arrived, the meeting was called to order by Recorder Moore pending the arrival of President Sharp, who arrived during the reading of the minutes of the April 26, 1937, meetings andzwswried the chairmanship of the me.eting* A11 members sf the Council <br />we re pre ao nt . <br />The minutes having Men read of the April 26th. regular meeting and the resmed meeting on By 3, 1957, it was moved <br />by Holten, that the minutes be approved aB read, subject to <br />8 supplenentary resolution establishing maturies and poasibls other changes required by purchraaers of Sewer Distri~f No.3, tmrran.f;e, SecQnded by Preoscott and carried. <br />Bids far the sale and/or qy?chaije Q$ District N03, *Sever 1%~- <br />wants, next came before the Council and the Joint bid of Thralf.- <br />8st Company and Allison-Williams Company, %7as readS accoanpanied <br />by certified check to the Villa@ of Edina, in 8motPnt $1,800.Q09 <br />and offering to purehas@ tg par and 5p interestgall aa per the legal advart$ssment in Eiennepin County Review on April 29, 1937. <br />After discussion ?qy the Counci%, Village Attorney Strong and <br />Mr Sirninton of Thrall Wti~t Company, it tms noVad 'by Moore %ha% <br />the $bin% bid of Thrall %bs% Company and A3Xiison-Vilbiam.rns Cs- xnpany, dated By EO, 1937, be accepted and the President and <br />Recorder of the Valllage.C:auncKl. be authorhed and empowered to aien- and execute the necessary papem, warrants and coupons to propsrly complete. the transaction, seconded by Ti-%lXson and . carried without dissenting vote andl so ordered., <br />C, 3. Billings, presented a legal plat by J* Bo Hill, ~f Minnehaha 'Croods Addition, lying Sol;l%h of 1,7;'2sZI 54th Street and <br />TBst of TJinnehahe Creek accompanied by letter ox' B.HoBra,dley, Village Engineer, recommending acceptance and appros.;zl of tvre <br />pant. mereupon it was moved by qrescott, that the plat of Minnehaha Voods, by J. 3. EKLX,% be accepted and the PTGsfdt?nt and Recorder b8 au'chsrized and emgowered to sign upon the cor- rectfton of any typographical errqr, seconded .by Holten & harried, <br />George Fayne, appeared before the Council in the matter of being licensed $8 haul and transpare garbage in the Village. <br />After dincussfsn he ms referre& t~ Village Hes,l%h Officer <br />Dr Cazripbell far his ~ec~rm?ndet%ctn~ <br />The petition by V. Je Allison and @n N. Coffnsn, presented, at <br />the April 26, 1937, meeefng sf the Council, for the vadation of all the balance of Bridge Street, 3ast of Arden Avenue, <br />again came before the Council and wherein it was moved by- Hslten, that the Recorder be authorized to publish t%o'clca of <br />Elearing" notics in the official publication of the Village to <br />be held at bext regular meeting of the Council on May 24, X937 seconded by Prescstt;, and carried, <br />Petition for sanitary sem~ by residents of fndfanola Avenue, <br />was received and IWS on motion ltdoore, be accepted, and rejBrred <br />by Preacsft and carried. <br />Harry Hanssn, suggested that certain road grading be done on the streeta of ??arden Acres, whioh tvar~ referred to the Road and <br />3rBdge .C orrunittee . <br />Nr XGCW~~, of the Roshalt Company, again appeared before the ~ouncfl offering to either selx or lease z: model #35 tt\%mcott road patrol for Village USEL After much discussion, lt TJ&~ maw& by Holten, that the Village enter into a, lease agreement vi.;;3.,;&&e T. Be RosholL Company, for 1 model 35 Warcof~ grader <br />carnplete and having 48 x: 8 dual rem tires, 32 x 6 front tirea a18ctric starter, generator, batte.ry, marffier, a, 3 wan glaee enclosed steel cab mounted, hot water heater a,nd lock differ- entiel on a rental basis of S,lQl*o~ pes: month for 18 mefitha, <br />Which ifkhtf@fact6-ry, no further payments will be requfredt and-- <br />bflf of mlt? Wfll be gfmn the Village after 18 months rental <br />t . to Burlingam, Hitchcock and EEfstabroak, for report, seconded <br />I