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I has ’been paid, and that tke President and Recorder is hereby <br />directed to aign the necessary papsrs, seconded by PrescGtt <br />and cRrried. <br />Er A. C. Stringer, mmber of the School Board of Independent <br />School District #17, SEAS present to advise that 1% Percy on <br />behalf of the heirfl of Andrew Crs&, that full release of any <br />and a11 claims to the mat acre of land heretofore occupied <br />by the old Edina School, and a8 set forth fn %he deed by said Andrew Craile to School District #17, would le given upon pay- liient of $1,000. The Council vas further ad-vised that the School Board :muld Is willing to deed the East acre of land, ovdd outri’ght by th3 School District and Tying East of the <br />Craik acre, to the Village upon paymnt of one dollar and mould include a21 the old lumber salvaged from the old school build- ing provided ,-‘the Village Council would deed to the School -Board, the triangular pied@ of PEind Ik$n&%ke castesly end of the Wld Nil1 Tract” lying East of the materly line of the gresent school property and between Wst 50th Street and the school property on *-e North. The Council “IE~B pleased <br />to receive such it goad report by ?Zr Stringer and left with him tQe matter of arranging further details. <br />Application vas received from Ninneapolis Gas Light Conpany, <br />for permission to install a ga8 main in and along flooddale <br />%IS, which on motion Holten be granted, seconded by’lfoore and carried. <br />Application ms received from the Country Club District <br />Service Compaay, by Oscar Gaarden, Prenident, requesting sn addition to the area in vhich a franchise had been granted <br />said Service Company, as granted by that certain ordinance dated-,/3aS1923, to om and oporats a water system in <br />the Village of Edina, vhereupon it vas moved by \7ilbson thaL the <br />sSid water Cranchiae grantsd the Country C1u.b Distxict SBrvice Company be amended to include the folloning descrfbed territory <br />ThC North one ha&f (El) of Section 19* Township <br />28, Fang0 .24 Pas%. <br />Aurlitorta SundivlsSon #172 of the Village of Edina, Section 28, Tomship 28, Range 24 Test. <br />the motion to adopt was seconded by Recorder Moore and the <br />wherein there vere five ayes and no nays and so the motion vas duly declared carrud, <br />. vote vas upon the question of the adoption of the motion <br />President of Council. <br />P