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�� <br />Willson, Aye_; Prescott, Aye -W Holiene Ayq- Moore, Afire: Sharpe, Aycs <br />and so the resolution vms declared duly ad6pted® <br />President of Council. <br />ATTEST; <br />Village ecordero <br />No further <br />business to come before this =sting, the President <br />declared this meeting recessed <br />to Meat again at the home of the <br />President <br />for the purpose of considering the items and expen- <br />diture- s of <br />the Village for the <br />following year and to arrive at <br />the amount <br />of Village tax levy <br />for all village purposes, on <br />Qo tober 8, <br />19370 <br />f� <br />Village Recordero- <br />