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c 31 <br />1. <br />'+ <br />I <br />. <br />.- <br />.I Tho mattor o f amonding tho ymter franchise ordinance ac prop0 sed <br />and rocommended at tho meeting of tho Council held on July 14, 1937, next Cam0 <br />b~fore tho Council and vheroupon Trustoo Holton offcrod tho folloming rosolution <br />and moved its adoption; <br />BE IT RZSOLVED that tho water francllis;r, so-called, being tkrq ordinnnco or frm- <br />chim bottareen .the Village of Edina, heroinafter called the Villaga, ad tho <br />Country Club Di strict Service Company, a Ennesota corporation, heroinafter <br />cullod the Corporation, passed and attested October 13%h, k923, pubfishdd in <br />tho Honnepin County Enterpi4ss of Hopkins, Uinnesota, under dato of ihvombor <br />J.d, 19223, and accepted by the said Corporation October Uth, 1923, bo and <br />tho E~TEI heroby is amended as follons and in tho follovling particulars, to-vit: <br />mat %&ion 1 of tke h&.d franchiso be mendod by adding, at tho <br />ond of =aid Soction, tho folloring; <br />( a) Charges and rato s for vater siiall always bo <br />fair, reasonable and just and subject at all times to <br />control and revision by the Vill.qe Council, <br />(b) <br />vise such chargo'c ad rates, giving notice to tho <br />Company of its intention so to do, and the Company <br />shd.1 havc, the %'igh%t of hearing before sdd Villas <br />Council, <br />(c). Tho Company shall have the right to petition <br />tho Village Council to reviso its charges and ratss <br />from time .to time, <br />(d). Consumers, equal to 20% in number as dotormined <br />by tho records of tho Company, may petition tho Council <br />for revision of vater rates and charges mado by said <br />company fron: tho to timo, <br />time mithin thirty (30) days after tho ordor or <br />rosolution of the Village Council io mado rovising <br />and fixing rates and charges for water, to appeal <br />to the District Court of Honnopin County, tllnnesota, <br />fron the ratas and charges 80 fixod by tho Villa@ <br />Council and shall have the right to havo such order and <br />action of the Village Council revieged by said court,, <br />That Section 3 of tho mid franchise bo amended by adang, <br />Tho Villago Council &hall have the right to ro- <br />( e) ,, The Company shall have tho right at any <br />* <br />at tho ond of said %ction, tho folloning: <br />i <br />(a), That the Company &a11 at all timss maintain a <br />minimum of tvo vells, properly equipped vith conibined <br />capacity at lead equal to 150$ of the maximum demand.