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C <br />45 <br />y Nosre %at the pstftion to vacate that part of Bridge Stsaet 3as.P; of AEden Avenue referred to this meeting from former ni:otiw, 53 referred ter the second regular meeting <br />OS the Council to ba held in January, seconded by \illson and c srTio d 0 <br />The repo-rt of J, E, Carroll, Consulting Engineer, on Semr District moo 4, dated ITdvembsr lo, 393'1, ms mad and filed. under date of Bovemkr 22, 1937. <br />Please note, Coune%% resolution nmlsr 5 , concerning plans and specifications. for~~w~i-sr dietrict number 4 and Council resol- ution number 6, concerning da@ on vhich C~uncil rtould mest <br />for the pu~oae of raceiying bide the earns being D3c@mbsr ' <br />20, 1937, for the construction 02 aemr in DB5tricL number 48 <br />+-re through error copied. in the minuteo of Novombsr 8, 1937 <br />meeting of the Council* <br />It vas moved by Nosre, that the COUAC~~ sponsor and provide <br />skating on the Ui%$ Pond &wing the nfnter aea~on and %ha@ <br />'the Street Cvmfscsianer be instructed to set.up the narming houae , all' on the Vfllqp omed portion of the Xila pond area, seconded by Holten and carriedo <br />AB %h%s period of the nee'cing and all.other 'buoiness having been completed, the matter ~f auditix, examining cnd ver%Q- <br />ing the records and accounb of the Village Treasurer and <br />Village Rooorder, for the period Nowmbzr 3.5, 1986 to l?ov"m- B3r 15, 39357, receimd the careful attsntion of the Council., <br />All the books and records of the Village Treasurer and Village Recorder mre avaflabl@, displayed and etudl~d and it vas notod that tho SWA of' $3,077~88 m8 the caah balance on depooit to the credit of the Vill.age of $dinas nit& the I\llidbamd NaQ- ism% t% Trust Company, of Einneapolis, General Fund A~coun%~ The total me*ts from all somce~ for above prbd laaving <br />b39n ~~63,86B.B6'b-inc~~dSng the cash balance of $l,Q5le26 as of PToSpsmbar 15, 1936. Total disbursements mre $fj0,'ir890 6B0 'Phcrre be%% no Vi11age 'f;"arrantn or Village General Obligations <br />ou%standingo 1[5; am8 %heroupon momd by Pr63cot%, that the! books and records of the Vill~gs 'Fxmmrer and VilUge Recorder having bsen duly atudfed, axmirm$d, ..auditsd and verified and <br />.$he am3 found to ba correct for the period IT~overtlbsr 15, 1936 to lTa~3mker 3.5, 1937, mat the 8ane 133 accegted,cert,iPiad and signed and ordered pub253lrad in detail in the Escembsr 2, 3.937, <br />iaeus, of the Kennepin Coun%y Revien, the official publieation <br />of the Villa@ of Sd$nae The .motion 1-m~ seconded by Trustee 'I7illaon and the vote ria8 upon the adoption of the motion and vh@roEn there rsrs four ayes and no nays and so the motion <br />VaG declared dUlr adopted0 Recorder Idoore not voting, <br />I/# <br />No further business to Corn before Vn3.3 meetins at this tbm, <br />the President declared the meeting adjournad to meet again at the me time and place on Beember 20, 19370 <br />Village Recordero