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80 <br />Ralph Collier 54 hrs Ifan & team $54.00 <br />232 miles Q Sp 62.60 <br />Th08* Gobel meds 0 Sop! 50 t 80 <br />Sam EcCready Veed8 0 5012 30*00 Silas Herre t Weds 0 50p 24 00 <br />R. E. Olson ,*Use of Ford V8 dump truck 41.00 J. A, Danens Ean & truck 0 1.50 53. 25 <br />X.J .Eerfeld lo2 hro wed imp 0 50# <br />J1 Barrett Xan & truck Q 1.50 E* A. Sears <br />Total June Expend%t&e $5,754.88 <br />Saading.4840 Cu yde Total Rd 8 <br />. The treasurer reported $4,999*50 in cash in the bank to the - credit of the Village at this tine, <br />- Trustee Tillsen reported on Relief, and that there was the sam - number receiving aid in Eay this year as in Nay 1937, and that - at present there were none on relief aim employable8 in the <br />- Trustee Preacott reported ~at.~A had finished the 5 projects - previously approved by the Council and submitted several small <br />. projects for the next VA period. <br />. Trustee Holten reported 'that th8 State Highvay Commissioner, was <br />- understood tu favor the request of the Council for establishing . 20 mile per hour speed limits in certain eections of the Village - and Par Parking requlations at Prance Avenue and Yest 50th Street, and that later in the evening he mould subnit for Council's con- - si6eration, Village Traffic Ordinance persuant to the 1937 State Highmay Act. <br />, Recorder Noore, reported on the Leagm of Ninnesota Nunicipalfties <br />. Convention, held at International l?&lls on June 8-9&fOtfie and . mentioned such matters as Planning & Zoning Commission, nom . possible under a new Law, the desirability of a Lam to permit . tax deliquent lends to be turned over to local governmental unats <br />. granted where the work aould Is started quickly, <br />- Eessrs Kesterson and Holmgren, appeared before the Council to - extend certain filling and grading Tn his neighborhood which on motion Holten, be referred to Village Engineer for survey and - report, seconded by Villson and carried. <br />family. <br />I <br />for specified community needs and that PVA allotxsnts would be <br />* Xr F. C. Ecklund, submitted propoaed plat of mite Oaks Second Addition, it having previously been submitted to and approved <br />by Village 3ngineer Bradley. After study it was moved by Moore that the plat be accepted and the President and Recorder <br />be authorized to sign the necessary papers, seconded %y Holten . <br />and carried, <br />. <br />Sever Engineer Carroll, reported on the work of installing san- . itary sewer in District #4 and that the vork mould be completed . in about 2 weeks. <br />.. 19r Gordon H:fllsop reported fast driving on Vest 54th Street, - mst of the Plfinnehaha Creelibridge which mao referred to golice <br />~ Committee. <br />. Residents of mielan Avenue mm proaent to learn of aw dev- elopments regarding the possibility of installing a sanitary . semr and -re gLdTissd Village Engineer had not reported. <br />. Recorder suggested the Council nws those to serve as Judges and Clerks of the June Primry Election. After discussion it was moved by Villson, that those having served heretofore <br />* be named in this instance seconded by Holten and carried