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6119 <br />i <br />Trustee Tillson reported on Relief-Xpr the mmth af September, and <br />President Sharpe read a letter form Ckalrman Board of County Comm- <br />issioners dated September 30, 1938, advising that as but 8 %owns and Villages wished to remain +'IE;Jtr the Ootlrmty wide Relief set-up <br />and 3.4 wished to be WUTtt that it would be necessary for the Towns and Villages to administer their own direct Relief. <br />save a comprehensive report of Village wide activ%ties of the Road and Bridge Committee. <br />-& V. 3. Garvey, appeared befoxe the Caiuncil to learn the Council's <br />attitude regarding the establishing o)f a Bus Route to operate along <br />France Avenue , Wooddale Avenue, Eighway 100 , Interlachen Raad , High- <br />way 169 and back to 3Fsance Avenue and TJ'est 50th Street, discussicm President $@arpe suggested that a more f orlrmal application <br />be filed settlng up proposed routes, charges etc, <br />'Trustee Prescott <br />After <br />Nr I?. C. Ecklund, submitted a new plat of '%ite Oaks, 5th Addition, <br />appro,ved by Village EngLzneer Bradlley, After examinatfan by the Council, it was zrraved by Holten, the plat be accepted and approved <br />by the Commcil and President and Recorder duly authorized to sign <br />the necessary papers, seconded by Prescott, and carried, <br />&I.r 3. R. Thorpe, appeared before the Council to request a temporary permit 'to erect a temporary Real Estate Office at S-W corner of Vest <br />50th. Street and Boo,ddale Avenue, <br />i% was rnp"L9sZly agreed that Village Attorney Strong would draw up ZJ <br />suitable agreement for the granting o,f such a temparary permit .which <br />would be sQject to six (6) months cancellation oa the part of the Village of Edina. <br />2., <br />jj After discussion by all concerned , <br />, I <br />I <br />Er G. I). €Till, presented petitfoa for a road begining at E-?! corner <br />of of SW* of Section 8, Tojwnskip 116, Range 21, also dedication of Highway for same and an order to lay out highway, all understood <br />to be at general Village expense, Noose, tkat the entire matter be referred withoat any obligation on <br />the part of the Village of Edina ta Pillage Attorrrey Strong, for <br />opinion, seconded by Holten and carried. <br />After discussion it was moved by <br />Rodine and ohher residen-bs af Soluth Harriet Park appeared to ask <br />what, wark:waSxiontempbted on TSJ~ts%~:554tih Street from Wooddale Avenue to Uinnehaha Creek bridge, <br />he did not think it adviisable to disturb the grade of West 54th St anpare this yep, which was agreeable, <br />After discussion Trustee Prescott stated <br />-Engineers Carroll and Bradley were presevzt to JsqOrt on the large <br />intercepting sanitary sewer, the first wit to extend from East Vil- <br />lage limits at Xexxes Avenue and approximately West 54th Street, to <br />approximately iiJooddale Avenue South of the Ximehaha Creek Bridge, <br />After discussion, it was left for Ilessrs CarrctiBl and Bradley to take <br />up with Village Attorney Strong to ascertain proceedure regarding <br />issusance of bonds and/or warrants to finance the constructLon .of <br />same and whereupon Trustee Holten moved that the plans and profiles <br />presented by Engineers Carroll and Bradley of the large intersepting <br />sanitary sewer extendiag from East Village limits to approximately <br />dooddale Avenue and Ellinmehaha Greek Brkdge, be tentatLvely accepted <br />and that Recoxder Xaore be authorized to present same to Tlorks Progress <br />Administration in campany with Engineers Carroll and Bradley to work <br />out a suggested program of installation and report back to the council, <br />seconded by Preacott and carried, <br />Village Attorney Strong reported to the Council in the matter of suit brought by L. C, Hanson, to re-open that dnly vacated part of Bridge Street lying East of Arden Avenue, After discussion the matter Was left with ilIlr Strong to handle and with awtbmfty to engage additional <br />Council if thought necessary, <br />Recorder Koore submitted for Couacilfs consideration, the detailed <br />and extended special assessnrents for saaftary sewers in kter%3. S.euer <br />Districts Ember 1 aYzd Ember 2, also Sewer District Number 3, <br />Sewer District Ember 4 and hdiiznola Avenue. it was moved by Prescott, that all sanitary sewer special assessments <br />! <br />After examination,