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Earl C. Sharpe <br />Ben Be Uoore <br />C. F. Prescott <br />George A. TTillson Clarence 0. Holten <br />J. J. Duggan <br />Dr Le Id. 4Ewnpbell <br />H. J. Knudsen <br />So J. Roberts P. Dahlgren John Tracy <br />L. Stolzman <br />He Ensley <br />0. I&* Spande <br />Sam NcCready <br />R. %. Olson <br />Arthur Peterson <br />HiZding Dah1 we S. Heydt <br />A. C. Stringer <br />Ro *Port <br />To E* Tilly <br />Prest. of Council <br />Village Eecorder <br />Trustee Tzuetee <br />Trustee Treasurer <br />Village Health Officer <br />Street Commissioner Utility man Tractor operator <br />Ass t . tractor operator <br />Asst. Road foreman <br />Road labor Road labor Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Use Ford V8 dump .truck Garbage Collection Village Marshall Police Officer - Police Officer Road & Bridge (Bc) Total <br />$50e00 <br />90.00 <br />35.09 <br />35.00 <br />35.00 <br />25.00 <br />30 rn 00 <br />150 00 <br />135.00 <br />130 80 c. 120 . 00 <br />102.00 I 86.00 w.oa <br />68.00 <br />63.00 . <br />53.01 <br />275.00 155.00 <br />135.00 <br />135.00 . <br />25.00 81,; 998 . 01 <br />. Reports -re made by Treasurer, Prescott on Road and Bridge, <br />.) Holten on Police and Viillson on Relief. <br />Er Harvey of Interlachen Road appeared before the Councfl with <br />regard to opening certain strests into the Rofling Green Addn. <br />After consi&era’ble discussion the matter was assumed to be one betmen the owners of private property and not the Village of Edina. President Sharpe, howver, offered his services to <br />the interested parties. <br />blr Bloom’7;0rg, appeared to request the vacation of Tower Street, bstween St John and Wooddale Avenue. After consider able dis- <br />cunsion as to be advisability, he offered to bring in a petition to vacate and to be signed by all the interested parties. <br />The matter of providing additional skating rinks vas discussed <br />by the Council whereupon Trustee Holten moved that Trustee Villson be- authorized to proceed to provide skating rinks on Xinnehah Creek betwen Zine th & Baird and Est 54th and Brookview as we11 <br />as the Test ssction of Kirror We, to the extent of same being a Village function and that Relief labor be mainly used, seconded <br />by Eoore and carried. <br />Letter m8 yead from Oscar Gaarden dated November 30, 1938, regarding costs for moving fire pl*s at Arden and Yooddale on account of the Tillage constructing curbs with larger radius and vhich on motion Holten, seconded by Noore, and carried, was referred to the Village Attorney for advice. <br />It vas moved by Holten, that the Recorder mite L. Be Esrsback, in the matter of architect’s feet to be charged on proposed <br />Library, Police and Village Office Building. It being opinion of ambers of the. Council that the fee vms to be based upon the original estimate of costa on batJis of contractor’s competitive <br />bidding and not to lx? paid on basis of YEA cost$, motion <br />seconded by Prescott and carried. It was also the. opinion of members of the Council that complete plans duly approved by the Council, would med to be on hand before work ffas started. <br /> Einneapolis G. E. Cornpaw, for permission to set two poles on Olinger IRoad south of Eighway 169, rras on motion Prescott, be granted, seconded by Holten, and carried. <br />On motion Boore, Trustee Prescott, 17aa authorized to provide a <br />Dead End street sign for the Xodlin alley between Seth and the street car line as ~sll as three signs Wst 54th and Park Place and Belmore Lane, seconded by Prescott and carried.