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_- <br />Ee ssrs CarZ 8ansc)n and . Ben Parks . appeased be fore the C ounc il <br />to reauest that the Zoning_Ordinsnce be changed so as to permit <br />the building of stores- and apartment buildings on the Darr <br />property 3ocated at the Horth-vest-corner of %et -50th Street <br />and Wooddare Awnwe After discussion, It was mowed by Holfen <br />that, Posted notice be given of the application to amend th0 Zoning_Ordimnca of Edina, by amendi- Section 4 of aaid Ordin- ance by adding paragraph fl and transferfng-from th6 'Dpen Dev- <br />elopment Dietricf to the Communfty Sfore District, the Vesterly <br />400 feet of the Brr property located at the North-mst corner of Veat 50th Street and PJooddaXe Avenue, the motion wa8 seconded <br />by Irgans and carried. <br />~eeds -re handed $6 We Council from David E9r Walsh, Frank G&misOn &. df% 'and Dewey Hill-and wife, for right of way, 2 <br />TQdb wide in Sectian.8, Township. 1x6, Fange 21, which on motion Vlooro be placed on fi3.e , sacomled-by Ho1te-n and carried. <br />9etition wag received fmn George Ae-t3pecht and wife for the <br />vacatisn'of eaaements'for street-purposes over Lot 38 and Lot 63, Au@itor% Subdiviellon #I72 and granted prior to January 1, 1939. <br />It sas thereupon moved 'try Halten, the petition be accepted and that due posted an& published notice- be given, seconded by Moore <br />and carried. <br />A wtition Signed by 33. Edina-WA-workera and *others w&a given <br />the Council by Georhe Heakins, who opas assured mat the Council would put forth every effort to keepsthe Edina mota as high <br />as possible. <br />AppXication was -received from Edfnneapolis Gaa .Light Clornpmy for permission to install. Z300 feet of 4" gas main in and along <br />lwapla Eosd, 772 reet on Bst. 48tb Street .and 275 feet on Bdsadow Eoad, was on motion Poore, be granted, seconded by HoZten and <br />carried. <br />Communication mas received from Hennepin Ccmnty League of Rural <br />taw- and villages in the matter of VEA layoffs and suggesting <br />that eomunicatian be sent the State Administrator. of \EA, <br />requestbg that relatkve need be considered in any KPA.layoffs . and that local township boards and village courmcils be given the authority to suggest those laid off. Vhereh Trustee Eolten so moved seconded by Xoore axd carried, <br />The hour of mid-night having arrived, President Sharpe declared <br />the meeting recessed to meet again on June 5, 1939, at 0 PE in Grange Hall. <br />I <br />* <br />I <br />Village Recorder <br />*.