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. .. <br />$15.00- <br />45076 <br />Simon Strand Rent tool- shed <br />Jus fua- -LunBer Co Lumb8z <br />H. 0, Alden Correcting+-Fire map 5.00 <br />HennepZn County POOP Para stmriee 1330 50 <br />Dahlberg Bras, IC Po’liae car eppt right & <br />seat covers 24.20 <br />Glacier Sand gC Gravef Cb Cement & crushed stone 44074 Thorp Broer Rent Tract Office 12.50 <br />W. PI Cooper FZoers for parks -80x0 Village St Souis Park . Ffre csI2 & WA sewing-pro. 49.00 Hennepin County Review Prfnting & €WJ~ -notfcea 281 43 Graybar Electric Co Electric fan 2606-5 Blackburn ,BichoTe & hith Insusance premiums 238 60 <br />Edina Hardware Har&mr8 ..R&B 19 25 PBfnneapolis GI Le Go April electric service 593.86 Chas Olson & Sons Repairs to .&qader . 30.85 <br />Relief Board Apri1. re lie f 719 38 <br />I Lyle Signs, Inc Road signs 59.85 <br />Subuzrban- Hemepip County <br />Dahlberg-Bros, Inc 1 F&d V8 Poxice. cards t 395.68 Rural Henmpia County_ Sur- <br />Republic Creosotin&. Co Road tar 112.30 <br />plus earn* *cownittee MaJf_ SUBrp- GO= 25.85 Toyal . ... $ _3,5_7203O <br />Honthly reports were given bye, Chairman Iq@na on Re-lief, Treaeurer Dugg.+na Chaiman WilXs.on on Road & Bridgf3 and <br />Chairman Heften ‘on PoZioe. <br />Bids as per sdwrtiW~nt8 .for three week8 in Hennepin C.ounty Review-and The ImprovEtment‘ Bulletin, for-maWrfa1s and equip- nent rental in connec%fon with construction Saint; Sewer main were opened? and .rea& afsud. Bids were receimcf from the <br />following concerns <br />L, W. lmbrthfie ld Company., Wunder-Klein-Don~hus. Company, . <br />Minneapol;is BuiX,dess SuppZg Cornparip.,, Twin tit+.. Bricrk Cornpaw 8 D. &Idt Gthore Companp,. Hart -1 Company, and knders-1Jorblom- Chriateneen Company, on sewer pfpe. Scherer Bros Lumber Company South Sfde XmWr Company.& Oregon-Washington Lwnber <br />Company, Wheeler XmWr Bridge Supply Companya. E. H. mitney ana C. F+.-ABhfon oa..&eat21hg. and brscing:lumIsrt. The Oscar Roberts Cmpany, CenfurJf Wa8hed and & GrmeX Company, Nesnah Foundry Company, A.A*SkaZski SuppZy- Company_, ZRwis Nut and Bolt Cornpaw, and Sandseone Quarries Compaqr a11 bid on. miacellaneaus items and the We I%.+ Zieggler Conpaqr Minnespolis <br />Brldg*e Company Park Const?p@$ian Comp&l?y , ESSnnelipolls $quip- ment CompaTpf, Phi3ZIps-DrakS compm7&9 s B~f~h€!rt~b@;er80ll Incd <br />Centurt Washed Sand & Gravel Compaq and JdLDanens & 8en,p -. , bid on drag line excavators, -air compresaers, pmps EMCI CBnm c,re te mixersc Csrti.fied cheeks hwhg ac;eomp.mia& a51 the <br />above bfd8c- Eids-mwe received. fmm the followi9g. concema not accompanied by certified ohecke&m% thsm3fore hot consid- <br />ered as leg$ tbctte. bids* Sr&-Gr@ma. 4k an8 compar~~ Hedberg- Friedhedm & Company. an4 ZEP ,’Wz V@Zie, Ins. <br />All bids- -wfm. thereupon rmfssr& to Villa.@ Eng&neer Bradley <br />I <br />* <br />I for tabulation. <br />Nessrs-Ro8s2teran& PoEloch headed ES com;i-ttee request%- .that <br />addithzt mod gravel-ha- appLi43d tv-KelX:ogg. Avenue before any <br />oiling wa8 done and the matter referred to- the Road & Bridge <br />- . - <br />. Committee. <br />. President Sharpe read a c.oxumunicatfon from -ague of Minnesota, . . . held at Albert TRa, June 14 to 16th* Thereupon Trustee <br />. <br />manicipalities concerning We, Ahnu&l Uague Convention to be <br />Holten moved, that aqy mwkr 09 the Council be authoriaed <br />to attend the League Convention as delegate of the Village CounciZ and that an itemized expense account be rendered the <br />Village, seconded T”il100n and carried.