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Blackburn, Eiehnl_s& Smith--Compo Ins. Premium <br />To 3. Hammond Pard Truck Insa <br />City of Xinneagolis <br />village of S& ,Louis Park-Fire Dept . Serviice <br />T,B, aoshalt Ca. Grader Part <br />BSiXLer Davis Co. Offkce Supplies E. 3'. Loasen Labor Cleaning Sewer <br />E-W Bell Telephone Co .--Telephone Extbsion <br />Vwddale Grocery Gas Re& E. <br />Simon Strand Rent Tool Shed <br />E, A. Rogers Co, Blue Prints Hemepin Caunty Reviea--Printing Publkc Notices <br />Boreys Shell Station E,& E, Service <br />Glacier Sand & Gravel Co.--Road Sand <br />Village of Hopkins Fire Dept Service <br />Dr, E,F, Fitch Vet. Service Suburban Eennepin County <br />Relief Board April Relief <br />Alex Cr eight on April Bdg. Insp. Bees <br />Ere Dept, Service <br />Total Eiscellaneous <br />326 . 60 <br />11*45 <br />31 e 59 <br />1D5,OQ <br />3.36 <br />18,50 9,oo <br />2-00 <br />39 . 98 <br />15.00 <br />3227 <br />83.76 <br />30.23 <br />44.94 <br />135 . 00 <br />25.00 <br />626.00 <br />120,oo 8 Sp634.43 <br />Bills of Joint Semcr District No, L for the preceeding month as <br />listed in Recorders Warrant Book and numbered from 240 to 269 <br />were carefully noted and found correct vhereupon Trustee Irgens <br />moved they be duly allo-aed and ordered paid seconded by Trustee <br />millson & carried, <br />Er. Ashley Broaks appeared before the Counahl to state he desired license to operate a bus along a propcased routB on France kve from <br />50th to 60th St . , to Xerxes Ave. ta 66th Street, to Highway LOO, to <br />50th, to 50tkl and Brance, or if more desirabxe, mer a second proposed raratk from 50th and France to 62nd St., to Wooddale Ave, to 49th <br />St., to Brawndale Aue., to Sunnyside, to Bruce Ave., to 50th-and <br />Prance, The President suggested that he make a farmal application setting forth all. facts & figures for Councils * Eonsiderat icln, <br />whichlk, Brooks stated he would do, <br />John Pehrsan, desired to knom if Bulton Avenue was it publLic street, The Village Attorney advised that the original dedication of the <br />plat would determine the matter and which was an f5le at the <br />Court House. <br />Bhr. Qscar Gaarden stated he was present to learn aktitu3e of the <br />Council in regard to water main extensions an Oaklawn and &Uiogg <br />Avenues from 53rd to 54th Streets, \'herein Vells and others had <br />requested city water. Discussion developed that while certain <br />aids to construction were charged to property omers, the Cauntry <br />Club District Service Company assumed to be the ultiaate owner, <br />The advisable thing to do mas therefor to assess the the costs of installation against the benefited propert'gr for the reason that <br />while substantial construction costs would be paid the CompanyI na <br />apparent credit for same appeared reflected in the rated charged <br />for aater, EIr. Wells asked Nr. Gaarden if what he might pay the <br />Service Company nom would be credited if the Billage ever took over the water system to which Er, Gaarden replied <br />'* <br />After further discussion by all present it was moved by Kcmre the <br />matter be fEEerred to the Council as a mhole, seconded by Irgens <br />and carried, <br />Petition mas received from Eessrs. VaZl, Belcher, Little, &'e others <br />requesting grading of \"lest 55th St.,East af Drew Ave. to Baird, T!$-ich after discussion was referred Byj President to Road & Bridge <br />Committee &Village Engineer for estimate of costs to determine <br />amount of assessment , <br />Petiticm vas received from interested residents far garbage <br />collectioii in area 8th Street east to Interlachen Club and l?ortk: <br />of Interlachen Raad to North Village limits which nn mation of <br />Irgens be received &- referred to Sanitation Committee for report to Council at next regula& meeting, seconded by Willsan and <br />carried .