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./ S, J, Roberts <br />geter Dahlgren <br />John &cy <br />VQ Stolgman <br />Q, E9; Spande Ranald Part <br />Szm EcCready <br />IF, Ensley <br />3, XcEekXis <br />Silas Euret <br />Thomas Gohle E. Elerfeld E, Xerfeld <br />Clarznce Halten <br />A, C. Stringer <br />Arthur Petersen <br />Jack Goodacre <br />Carl Carlson <br />'%L Duggan Joiat Sewer Dist.No.1 <br />1 "'sr -. <br />Utility man motor agerator <br />assistant tractor apetstor <br />Park labor asst. road foreman Road &%or <br />Road labor Truck hire <br />Road labor veeds <br />Veed inspector Use auto need inspec. <br />Village Attorney <br />Wh R.& Bo <br />I moo Garbage Call to 6/15 <br />Road labor <br />labor with team <br />labor with team <br />&an <br />road foreman <br />lr n n <br />. TOTAL <br />Bills and accounts of Joint Sewer Ristrict No, 1 were carefully noted and found correct whereupon Trustee Irgens moved that they <br />be duly allowed and ordered paid as shown by Recorder's Vlarrwnts <br />30. 295 to 302, bbth inclusive, aecolrided by Willson and carried. <br />Several ladies residing in the neighborhood of York Ave, and 54th <br />Street, appeared before the Couaci3. to complain of an out house <br />on the property of W. E, Riley, being a common nuisance, and mas <br />referred ta Village Health Officer Dr, Ericksoa, <br />A3pXication received from Bma Tedman for 3.2 aff sale license at <br />Booddale Grocery accompanied by check in amount of $5.00, T& <br />matter automaticallg going aver to: next CounciI meeting for <br />eonsideration, <br />l&e.ssrs, Meary, Eflartin, Linne, Bestphal, Blackburn, and Schoening, <br />constituting a majority of the property owters on Vlooddale hne <br />petitioned far an oil dust coat along said street, which was referred to Road & Bridge Committee, <br />Petittori from 55 residents, in or near South Harriet Park, re- <br />qqeating lawar speed limit on Vest 54th Street from France to <br />Wooddale Ave, which on motion Edaore be received and referred to <br />Police Committee, seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Application received from Einneapolis Gas. light Co, for permission to, lay 1020 feet 4" gas main in and along Halifax Ave, from 239 ft, <br />South of South line Vest 50th Street to 52nd St, and 220 feet 4" .. <br />gas main in and along Brookview Ave South of Vest $6th Street were on motion Zrgens-be granted subject to completion 30 days and proper <br />r., <br />atf;eation to back fill & settlment, seconded Xoore & carried. . 1. <br />President reported on request for street light on Highway 169 north <br />of street railway bridge, after discussion it vas thataght best %b Xncldde3mith other and additional street lights to 'be added later, <br />Treasurer Duggan presented request of Eidland Hsitiormal Bank & <br />Trust Conpany of Einneapohis to substitute $20,000 Bederal Earm <br />Eortage Cogporatioz? 3% bonds of 1944-49, due &y 15, 1949, for <br />$9,000 U.S. Treasury ZTotes l&%, due Decembef 15, 1940, arid <br />$75,000 Eederal Farm Eortage Corporatfon 2 3/4$ bonda due 1941-52 <br />bow pledged to secure Village monies on deposit with said ElEidland <br />Eqtional Bank and Trust Cmpapy and held by the Pederal Reserve <br />Bank as trustee, request, seconded by Xoczre and carried, <br />On motion Willson, the Council concur in the <br />Chairman &€owe of the Sanitation Committee suggested that in view <br />if the pleasant relations existing between the WA District EngineersJ office, the City of Ebneapolia Engineer's Office, the Cauncil and others, that a dinner be given in recognition of co-aperation extended the Village Council on installation and completion of the <br />Trpnk sever in Joht Sever District Ho, 1 axl to be paid out of the <br />Crier ContingentPund, which had been given to the Village to be. <br />5