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28 I <br />J, J, Duggan Dr R;P, Erickson <br />Clarence 0, Halten <br />T. E. Tilly <br />Helding Dah1 <br />W, So Heydt <br />John Lyon <br />R, J, Johnson <br />S, J. Roberts <br />P. Dahlgren <br />Xohn Tracy <br />L, Stoxman <br />Elonald Eort <br />0, a, Spande <br />Sarm EcCready H, Ensley <br />E, Xerfeld <br />lEO Berfeld <br />Thomas Gobel <br />Silas Herrett <br />Carl Carlsan <br />Jas , EcXellis <br />Arthur Peters en <br />A-, C, Stringer <br />Treasurer 30 000 <br />Health Officer 30eOO <br />Village Attorney 175,OO <br />Villzge Narshall 170.00 <br />Police officer 150,OO <br />Police officer 150 000 <br />Police officer 140 0 00 <br />Street Commissioner 175,OO <br />Utility man 140 -00 <br />Tractor operator 135.00 <br />Asst , Tractor operator 125.00 <br />Asst , Road foreman 124.80 <br />Asst, Road foreman 129 ,OO <br />Park labor 144 , 00 <br />Road labor 107.,00 <br />Road labor 115 00 <br />Road labor weeds 121080 <br />Auto milage veed inspector 22 0.8 5 <br />Road labor weeds 10 000 <br />81,OO <br />60,OO <br />Road labar weeds <br />Han & teaa <br />Truck hire ' 205-25 <br />I <br />- <br />Garbage collection <br />WA - R,8cB, (August) <br />It vas moved by Irgens that accounts of Joint Sewer District Bo, 1 <br />as represented by Redorder's marratits numbered 305 to 323, both <br />inclusive, be paid, seconded by Vyatt and carried, <br />It vas moved by Villson that any business properly coming before <br />the Council at this meeting and not disposed of by 11:30 POX, be <br />.considered at a recessed meeting of this regular meeting to be held <br />at the same time and place on August 19, 1940, seconded by Wyatt and <br />carried . <br />It vas moved by Billson, that the petition to vacate a portion of Cooper Ave, duly referred to this meeting from the July 22, 1940 <br />meeting, be referred to the August 19, 1940 partion of this meeting <br />of the Council, seconded by Wyatt and carried, <br />%in, Burgraff, requested permit to build a garage to be used for <br />temporary living quarters, the proposition being refsrred to August <br />26th meeting, <br />Petition received from residents of Bruce Avenue and Bruce Place <br />far mad ailing whereugon Irgens moved it be seferred to aoad and . <br />Bridge Committee, seconded by QJyatt and carried, <br />*- '.- 3a <br />*. <br />Petition received from residents Bruce Avenue and Bruce Place for <br />2 ornamental street lights mas on motion Wyatt, he referred to <br />Lightning Committee, seconded Noore and carried, <br />Eetition received from Nessrs. Hanson &Parks to vacate St, Zahns <br />Avenue nctrth of Golf Terrace, -whereupon Trustee Irgens moved the <br />petition be received and both posted 8c published notice of hearing be given to be held at time of regular meeting of the Council on <br />August 26, 1940, seconded by Noore and carried. <br />Robit, FlilEims requested that he be given a building permit for <br />grivate residence propased to: be built at corner of \Test 54th Street <br />and Oaklawn henue having a side entrance only Qn \Test 54th Street, <br />After discussion the matter was referred back to building corn-- <br />ais$ioner, <br />I <br />The president naw announced that the time had arrived for the <br />consideration of bids for the purchase of .$20,000 warrants on <br />account af Joint Sewer District No. 1. <br />The Clerk presented an affidavit shoving publication of a notice of <br />the sale of said warrants in the official nemspaper, which Has examined and found saitsfactory, and ordered placed on file. <br />sealed bids were received but bidders were <br />checks were deposited, Thereupon the said bidders were called <br />No present and certified <br />.I. <br />':I - .7