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the Sauthwest (SW) corner. of Lot Six (6), Black One <br />(I), said Addition; thence Mortherly along the wes- terly line of said Lat Six (6) ta the paint of be- <br />ginning ; <br />has been duly filed with the Village meet at the time and place specified posted, and has heard all interested the interest of the public that said vacated; now, therefore, <br />Council and said Council did <br />in a Notice duly published and persons, and it appears in portion of said street be <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, <br />that such portion of St. dohnfs Avenue as hereinbefore described, <br />2nd as the same is now dedicated and laid out within the corporate <br />limits of said Village, be hereby vacated, blfotion to adopt seconded <br />by Willson. <br />The vote was upon the question of the adoption of the adoption of the resolution wherkin there were five ayes and no nays as <br />follows: WilZsctn Bye, Irgens aye, Vyatt aye, Emre aye, Jvesterberg aye, and so the resolution was adopted, <br />u <br />Attest: <br />Village Recorder <br />Gene Caop,er advised that all concerned with the petition to vacate <br />a portion af Cooper Ave. had agreed on a settlement of the prop- <br />osition, wherein it was moved by Xoore, that the Council concur <br />in the settlement and that the Fresident &Village Recorder be authorized and empowered to sign, seal, and give Quite Claim deed <br />to the not used portion of Cooper Avenue on behalf of the VilZage <br />Council, seconded by Willson and carried without desenting vote. <br />The Village pay roll advances having been carefully noted and faund correct. were on motion Willson, they be duly. allowed and <br />ordered paid, seconded Irgens and carried. <br />It was moved by Irgens that labor accounts of Lateral Sewer <br />District.Ho. 7 as represented by Recarder's warrants 11 to 15, <br />both inclusive, be duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded by <br />Moore and carried. <br />Checks having been received for sole of $2QY000,0Q Village of Edina Joint Sewer District Ea. 1, 12% warrants, in amount $20,211.69, <br />including premium, and interest, as of August 26, 1940 for deposit <br />in Joint Sewer District No. 1 Pund, it was moved by Irgens that <br />cheek be drawn on Joint Sewer District Eo, I, in amount @9,500,00 in favor of General Pund in full repayment of funds temporarily loaned, seconded by Pjroore and carried, <br />It was maved by Wyatt, that check be drawn on Jaint Sewer District <br />No. 1 in favor of the City of Ninneapolis for sewer charges as <br />Sewer Rental charges 7/1/38 to! 6/30/40 inclusive #3,O56,70 <br />Charge for Naintenance EinneapoJis semers period <br />12/18/37 to 6/30/40 inclusive $1,242.90 <br />f OllQwS t <br />Bond, interest Disposal Plant and Outlet charge <br />Secanded by Dlloore and carried. <br />due 7/15/40 $1,525.74 Total. $5,825.34