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36 <br />R, J, Johson <br />S, J, Roberts <br />P, Dahlgren <br />3ahn Tracy <br />L, StoIgman <br />0. E, Spande <br />Ronald Port <br />Sam XcCready <br />H. Ensley <br />Ihtt Berfeld <br />Silas Herrett <br />James EcNellis <br />Carl Carlson <br />A, C. Stringer Arthur Pe2ersen <br />S t r e et C omi s si on er <br />Utility man <br />Tractor operator <br />Asst, Tractor operator <br />Asst. Road foreman <br />Asst. Road foreman <br />Asst, Road foreman Road labor Road labor <br />Road labor (weeds) <br />Road labor tweeds} <br />labor vith truck <br />labor viith t em <br />Road Bt Bridge- ETA Garbage collection <br />115oOO <br />140.00 <br />135.00 125.00 <br />98.40 <br />95.40 <br />?6,50 <br />r9.50 <br />93.60 <br />94.20 - <br />43.00 <br />149.50 <br />4.00 <br />25.00 <br />333032 <br />IC. mas moved by Villson thqt bills and accounts of Lateral Sewer <br />District go, 7, as represented by Recarders warrants Eumbered 16 <br />to 34, both inclusive, be paid, seconded Irgens and carried, <br />It was moved by Irgens, that bills and accounts of Joint Sewer <br />District Bo, 1, as represented by Recorders warrants numbered 326 <br />to 332, both inclusive be paid, seconded by Willson and carried, <br />A group of residents of Brucewood Addition were present and presented petition signed by 17 residents, representing 90% of the property affected, for installation af curb and gutter in <br />and along Bruce Ave. and Bruce Place which was received and <br />referped to Road and Bridge Committee, <br />Discussion mas also had on the matter of installation of ornamental <br />stzeet lights on Bruce Avenue in Brucewood. I&, J, R, Thorpe <br />offered to pay one-half the cast of same mhsreupon the proposition <br />mas referred back to Bruceaaod residents for later presentation <br />to the Council, <br />Xessrs. Gray and Converse requested that overhead.street lights be installed in Sunny Slope Addition, After discussion it was moved <br />by Xoore that three 250 cop. street lights be ihstalled on East Sunny Slope Road at Vaodhill'j7ay and Dole Drive and at intersection <br />of lots 8 and 9 in Block 3, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />I <br />Architect Parnham, representing Owner Perry, inquired as to level <br />of water in the El1 Pond when at top of 50th St, Dam and as to <br />ham it might affect ground vater level of Lot J. in Black 1 of <br />Sunny Slope Addition, It vas the opinion of members of the Council <br />that the advisable thing to do would be to fill in such a low loa an extra foot or more if practical, I -4- . .e <br />I&, H, A. Arne advised of a dow spot in Kellogg Ave. betveen 52nd <br />and 53rd Street, <br />It mas moved by Irgens that the sum of $1500.00 be temporarily -. ~ <br />loaned from the General Fund to Lateral Sever District Eo. 7 Fund <br />to be repaid upon sale crf District #7 Special assessment warrants <br />Application received from Ashley Brooks OH behalf Edina Auto Livery for license to operate 2 additional, taxi-cabs in the Village <br />af Edina, whereupn Trustee &gens moved the application be granted and license issued to April 1, 1941, upon mpent of license fee of $S,OO each, seconded by Wyatt and carried. <br />Bequest received from Carl Olson to transfer present 3.2 ?Off <br />Sale" &lt liquor license to his new location 3928 West 50th <br />Street, 7hereupon Trustee Wyatt so moved; seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />. seconded by Wihlgctn and carried. <br />s <br />I <br />Application received for transfer 09 Xath "Onz*. and "Off 'salet1 <br />3.2 Ealt liquor license held by Harry Toms to Grace Hickmann, <br />whereupon it was moved by Noore the application be referred to Police 'Jammititee for investigation and report &a the Council <br />seconded by Willson and carried.