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Be it resolved, by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, <br />that it is necessary and expedient to construct a sidemalk on thg <br />south side of Vest 50th Street, from the terminus of the present <br />sidewalk, immediat;el;p west of Halifas Avenue, tol Wooddale Avenue <br />and West 50th Street ; such sidemalk to be five (5) feet in width <br />and constructed in accordance with standard village sidewalk <br />specifications adopted October ?thy 1940 and nom on file vith the <br />stakes designatfng the exact location of said malk. <br />Village Clerk; the Village Engineer is hereby directed to set 3. - <br />I Be it further resoxved, that said sidewalk shall be completed <br />Be it further resolved, that the names .of the owners of aXl lats, <br />by December 16, 1940. <br />parts af lats, and parcels of ground fronting the street where <br />said walk is to be constructed are as follows: <br />-Name of owner- =Lot and bloclc- -Additian- <br />Henrietta A. Varnhalt Lot 3 and V. 60 feet Ste$ens 1st Add- <br />of Lot 2, Black 1, ition <br />except road, <br />P, A. Xora Lot 1, Black 2, Stevens 1st Add- <br />ition <br />e <br />Stevens 1st Add- <br />ition <br />Ralph W. Cove11 W, half of Lot 2, <br />Black 2, <br />Columbia Paving and E. half of Lot 2, Stevens 1st Add- <br />Sideaalk Company Black 29 ition <br />Ralph W. Cave11 Lot 3, Block 2, Stevens 1st Add- <br />Thorpe Bras. Lot 1, Black 3, Brucendad Addition <br />Thorpe Bros. Lot 27, Block 29 Brucenood Addition <br />except road, ition <br />I <br />Bruc ewood Add it ion Thorpe Bros. Lot 1, Block 29 <br />David E. Thomas Lot 25, Black 1, Brucewod Addition <br />Ealcolm A. Nanuel Commencing on the S line <br />of V. 50th Street, at a <br />point 393 ft. E. from v. line of SIT&; thence E. <br />alang said street line <br />208.5 ft.; thence S. at <br />right angles 150 ft. ; thence <br />at an angle of 81' 30' to <br />the right 88.55 ft. to the <br />center line of Einnehaha Greek; thence up said Creek to a point in a line <br />parallel with q. line of s@ <br />and running Sly. frompthe <br />point of beginning; thence <br />NLy. to beginning, <br />Section 18, Town- <br />ship 28, Range 24. <br />Be it further resolved, that if said walks shall not be fully <br />constructed in the manner and within the time herein prescribed, <br />the Village Council may order same ta be done by the Street <br />Cammissione'r or by contract. <br />,p.. .