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74 <br />1 be 18 in number and nunbered from 1 to 18, both inclusive; all <br />of said Qarrants to be in the denomination of $500.00, bearing <br />interest at the rate of 2* per cent per annum, payable Berni- <br />'annually, in accordance Yiith appropriate interest coupoas tQ be <br />thereto attached, and to mature serially on January lst, in the <br />years and amounts as follows : <br />$500.00 in each of the years 1842 and 194'7, and <br />$lOQO.QQ in each of the years 1943 to 1951, both' <br />inclusive, except the year 1947. <br />2, Bath principal and interest of said marrants shall be payable <br />at Northmestern Xational Bank and Trust Company, Kinneapolis, Einn. <br />and said warrants and the coupons thereto attached shall be in <br />substant.ially the 4ollowing form: <br />UNITED STATES OF AUERICA <br />STATE OF HIITNESOTA <br />COUXTY 03' HENNE3IN <br />VILLAGE OF EDINA <br />Sm DISTRICT N0.5 WAXRAhTT <br />Number i;500. 00 <br />The treasurer of the VillaEe of Edina, Hennepin County, <br />Xinnesota, will pay to the bearer hereof from Sewer District Eo.5 <br />Bund of said Village the sum of BIVE HUNDRBD DOLLARS in any coin <br />or currency nhich on the date of payment is legal tender for public <br />and private debts on the first day of January, 194-, aith interest <br />therean at the rate af %per cent per annum, payable semi-annually <br />on the first i5ay of January and the first day of July in each year, in accordance with and upon presentation and surrender of the <br />attached interest coupons as they severally become due, both <br />principal and interest being payable at: <br />Zorthvrestern Eational Bank and Trust <br />Company, Einneapolis, Einnesota, <br />This warrant is one of a series of varrents in the aggregate yrincipsl amount of 39000.00, issued by said Village pursuant to 1 <br />and in Tu11 conformity vith the constitution and laws of the state <br />or" Einnesota thereunto enabling, including Chapter 35, Laws of <br />Xinnesota for 1915 and acts amendatory thereof and supplemental <br />thereto for the purpose of defraying the expense incurred and to <br />be incurred in laying semers in said District and in anticipation - <br />of the collection of special assessments heretofore duly levied <br />against the benefited property in said District for the constr- <br />uction of sewers and is payable out of a fund designated as Zund . <br />of Sever District Xo, 5, into which fund all proceeds of said <br />assessment are required to be paid. All sarrants of this issue <br />maturing after January las, 1945, are subject to redemption on <br />said date and any Interesb payment date thereafter, at par arid accrued interest, u&on thirty (30) days' prior notice to the <br />Bank vhere the v;arrants are payable. <br />It is hereby certified and recited khat all acts, conditions and things required by the conseitution and laws of the State of <br />Einnesota, to be done, to happen, and to be performed precedent <br />to and in the issuance of this warrant, have been done, have <br />happened and have been performed in regular and due form, time and manner as required by laws and that this marrant, together <br />with all other indebtedness of said Village outstanding on the <br />date named herein and on the date on the actual issuance and <br />delivery hereof, does not exceed any statutory or constitutional <br />limitation of indebtedness. <br />IN S'JITEESS 2EE3OB, the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, Einnesota, <br />by its Village Council has caused this rrarrent to be signed by the <br />President of the Village Council and countersigned by the Village <br />Clerk and sealed with the seal of said Village, and the interest <br />coupons hereto attached to be excuted and authenticated by the <br />facsimile signatures of said officers, and has caused this warrant <br />to be dated as OS Eovember lst, 1940. <br />.c <br />'.A" .- .. . I